Friday, January 23, 2009

Seducing Every Man in the Zodiac with Neve Black

Today is truly a day of good tidings for my fellow eroticists!

I am so excited to announce the publication of Neve Black’s debut novel, Sex Through the Zodiac. I just love the premise of the novel—the protagonist, Roxanne, an astrology cognoscenti, decides that 2009 will be the year she gains more intimate knowledge of each zodiac sign by having sex with all twelve signs in the coming (no doubt over and over again) year.

I’m even more excited about soaring along on this starry literary journey with the ambitious Roxanne. As I raise my champagne flute to Neve’s inauguration into the ranks of novelists, I have to smile at my own fascination with astrology over the years. I don’t believe in it and yet, well, there are some curious coincidences. I am a bit of your classic Capricorn—slow and steady, with a calm, not to say boring, exterior hiding a passionate core. My husband is a textbook Libra, always seeing both sides of a question, very artistic in spite of his job description as software engineer. I’m not an expert on the topic in any sense, but I still do have my dog-eared and very retro vintage-1980 copy of How To Seduce Any Man in the Zodiac, which was the source of much useful advice, not to mention comfort in my college days.

Out came the book as soon as I had the slightest amorous interest in a guy (birthdays were easy to determine because of Princeton’s proto-Facebook, a directory of students with photo, hometown, high school and birthdate). First I turned to the section on “how to get his attention.” Then of course I had to read about his strengths and weaknesses and how to keep his attention (if it ever got that far). With this “battle plan to conquer his heart,” I worked my way through a number of the zodiac signs that way, but there are still a few gaps in my roster (Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius). I know Neve will fill me in on what I’m missing in more ways than one.

By the way, not only am I a Capricorn with my moon in Libra, but my Libra husband has a moon sign of Capricorn. This has proven to be a good match—and yes, I did consult the Libra chapter to plot my strategies. So far, so good. But I’m very sure Sex Through the Zodiac will give me updated twenty-first century insights to keep things heavenly!

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Neve Black said...

Thank you!

Sun/Moon opposition is very compatible combination indeed, Donna. Roxanne gives you and your husband's sexual zodiac signs a thumbs up!

I think you'll find the chapters on both Libra and Capricorn say the least.

Thank you again for the shout out.