Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First Review of AMOROUS WOMAN

It’s official! Amorous Woman is now in print. You can buy it in Maxim Jakubowski’s Murder One bookstore in London’s West End. For now this is the bargain--$14 for the book, $3.25 shipping. The book is not listed in their online catalog but you can email them and request a special order. Since one of the owners of the bookstore is Maxim Jakubowski, the editor of the Neon series, he'll be happy to help you.

You can order it from Amazon US through a third-party seller, but the current one is steep--stay tuned, though, I'm trying to get Amazon to carry it in a reliable fashion and you'll be the first to know. You can order from Blackwell’s Online for $14 for the book and $7 shipping. It's available on Amazon UK for $11 plus $14 shipping, so that's not the best deal for now. Hopefully word of mouth will help with the availability. So please (she said with a winning smile) order your copy, write reviews on Amazon and Blackwell and your blog, grab the sleeve of the guy next to you in the coffee shop and tell him all about it. You’ll have my eternal gratitude—and if you drop me a line, I’ll even send you a very classy Amorous Woman refrigerator magnet, a facsimile of the novel's cover. I'm sure you'll agree no home should be without one.

The best news of all is that I got my first official review on a Web site called Sexy Reads, a recently-launched forum for erotica writers and readers to give honest reviews of books in the genre. I discovered it on MySpace, and this alone makes that place worth the time I’ve spent networking there. I encourage everyone who takes erotica writing and reading seriously to stop by Sexy Reads, add some reviews, chat about the writing life and give our genre the respect it deserves! Oh, and for writers, Victoria Blisse, the creator of the site, is inviting you to submit your book for review as part of the grand opening celebration.

Here’s a sampling of what she said about mine: “This is one of those books where you find yourself thinking ‘Oh go on, just one more chapter.’ And you end up being up half the night reading because you just can’t pull yourself away from the story.” Is there sweeter music to a writer’s ears?

No, dear reader, there is not.

So, pop on over to Sexy Reads to read the full review here, add your own comments, if you like, then check out the other threads and help support the cause.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Gorgeous New Web Site!

My Labor Day weekend was busy. We went to the California State Fair in Sacramento, which, alas, was disappointing. Our governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, promised in the program that we'd leave the fair saying, "I'll be back." I doubt it. The exhibits were low-wattage and the food was pure processessed chain food fare. This is California, for heaven's sake, and there wasn't one leaf of arugula to be found! Fortunately the closing day Weird Al Yankovic concert was awesome! Even on stage Weird Al can take on many guises. He even sang some of our old favorites: "Amish Paradise" and "Bob" and "Fat." The concert definitely saved the day.

A more exciting and productive activity of the weekend was that my technical advisor and I updated my Web site in preparation for the release of Amorous Woman. Each page is now adorned with a lovely wood block print by Kawase Hasui and there's a new "About Me" section that will tell you more about me and my path to the writing life than you ever wanted to know. There are also excerpts from Amorous Woman. Lots of goodies, so please drop by the site for a visit!