Monday, April 28, 2008

My Web Site Gets the Nod from Lisabet Sarai!

As I'm preparing to go off for my reading at Cafe Royal in San Francisco with Rachel Kramer Bussel and the local luminaries in her latest anthology, Dirty Girls, I wanted to mention another cool thing that's happened this month. Lisabet Sarai has chosen my Web site as her link of the month for April! I'm so thrilled because I'm a big fan of Lisabet's writing and her review of Amorous Woman was so insightful. Hell, I learned some things about my novel from her....

Anyway, check out her newsletter, Web site and her sizzling hot novels and stories!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tadaima: I'm Back!

We’re back from Japan and to make a two-week-long story short, it was FANTASTIC! It was the height of cherry blossom season and we saw some fabulous vistas of dream-like beauty (and found ourselves in the middle of some amazing crowds of flower lovers) photos of which I’ll share here over the next weeks. I also have lots of pictures of the delicious food we ate, the pleasure haunts of Gion, a few voyeuristic shots of maiko and geisha as they went about their evening’s work, and plenty of stories about our adventures. It was a sweetly multi-layered journey for me—and as you know, I love baking multi-layered sweets—as I got the chance to see my boys appreciate the country for the first time as well as to visit many places and friends I first encountered myself twenty-four (!!!) years ago. Best of all, I realize I love that place more than ever. Maybe there will be a sequel to Amorous Woman after all?

Many more pictures, stories and menus to come—stay tuned!