Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Humphrey Bogart, Honeymoons, Naughty Interviews

The gala celebration of the release of Nice Girls, Naughty Sex: 20 Erotic Tales continues over at Oysters & Chocolate with a series of interviews with the very naughty-but-nice authors.  This week is my turn, and you'll find out about my inspiration for the story, my Hollywood erotic fantasy, and whether my story in the anthology, "Honeymoon Suite," is suitable to show your mother.  I had lots of fun doing the interview and hope you'll enjoy reading it.

Oh, and I get to show off my corset again.  Yessss!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Nice Girls, Naughty Sex

No, that's not my new personal motto (although it could be), it's the title of a fantastic new anthology that has just been released, Nice Girls, Naughty Sex: 20 Erotic Tales, edited by erotica mavens Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade of the delicious website Oysters & Chocolate.

The list of authors is truly stellar and I cannot wait to get my contributor's copy to dig into the feast of scrumptious stories. My story, "Honeymoon Suite," is on a theme very dear to my imagination, the power of erotic photography. In a different life, this would definitely be my job and my passion!

Here's an small taste of this tale, which includes many flavors of sensual love.

From "Honeymoon Suite":

I was still packing up my equipment, when the groom slipped out of the bedroom. He positioned himself strategically between me and the main entrance to the suite and gave me a sheepish grin.

I was pretty sure what was coming next.

"Hey, Melody, uh, Kristina and I wanted to thank you again for the session. It was amazing."

I smiled back, secretly admiring his smooth, muscular chest peeping through the hotel's fluffy white robe. Such a perfect torso for photographs. "It was my pleasure, Jake. Give me a call when you two get back from Italy, and we'll set up an appointment for the next step."

Jake ran his hand through his tousled hair. "About that next step. Listen, I've never seen Kristina so seriously turned on. I heard you had a magic touch with the ladies, but that was incredible."

I definitely knew what was coming next.

"so Kristina was wondering--and I was, too--if you'd be interested in hanging out with us for a little while longer. You could help us finish that bottle of champagne."

I glanced over at the half-open door to the bedroom. The bride was watching us from the bed, the sheet clutched over her naked breasts, which, under the circumstances, struck me as unnecessary modesty.

"I never drink on the job," I replied.

"We don't have to drink," Jake said. "And actually we were thinking this would be pleasure. For all of us this time."

I tilted my head as if I didn't quite get what he was proposing.

I should have known a savvy young attorney like Jake wouldn't buy it. "Come on, I saw that look in your eyes when you pointed your big, long camera lens at my naked wife." His own eyes took on a predatory gleam.

Fortunately, I had my canned speech ready. "Well, Jake, it is true that I appreciate female beauty, but my interest is purely artistic. My only desire is to create a momento of the pleasure two lovers share. Nothing more."

He raised his eyebrows. "If your limit is two, I'm fine it's just you and Kristina--although I hope you'll let me watch."

I laughed. I really didn't hold it against my clients when they propositioned me. Planning a wedding involves months, even years of stress. The big day itself is exhausting. Follow that with kissing, fondling and making love to your brand-new spouse in front of a stranger with a camera for a few hours, and the boundaries were sure to blur.

"It's very tempting," I lied, "but I'm afraid I have to decline the invitation. When I started this business, my partner made me promise her that I'd keep things professional. but I promise you I'm going to make the two of you some beautiful images to commemorate your wedding night."

Jake admitted defeat with a shrug. "Well, we wouldn't want to get you in trouble with your old lady. But hey, it was fun while it lasted."

I nodded, holding back a smile. Little did he know that for me, the fun was just beginning....