Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Want to Sleep With Your Husband

Why not? He’s pretty cute. And I’m sure you have him trained well in bedroom athletics. Besides, all I want is a teeny little taste of him, just an hour or two between the sheets. When I’m done, I’ll be gone in the blink of an eye, off to seduce someone else’s husband or wife or lover.

Okay, I’ll admit it. In my first Cooking Up a Storey column of 2009, called “I Want to Sleep with Your Husband: Adultery, Exhibitionism, and Other Reasons I Write,” I aim for the provocative. That's because I want to stir things up a little, dig a little deeper. After all, this is a new of year of change and bold action.

Join me in stirring up a few things, too, fellow writers and readers and anyone interested in the erotic mind.

What are your fantasies? Do they find expression in your stories? Do you notice any patterns and recurring images? Do you become someone else when you write?

Have you ever been seduced by a nice hot helping of Oriental-style chicken salad? What about a naughty erotica writer purring the recipe in your ear?

The only way to find out is to click on over to my website for a listen.

Happy February—the month of Eros, provocation and fine chocolate!


EllaRegina said...


That's quite the boudoir photo!!

And, as per usual, that voice, and what that voice utters and conjures.

Thank you for your multimedia expression.

Craig Sorensen said...

I went to your site and listened.

Man am I glad I did.

Wow. It's hot in here!

I so relate to your thoughts on being an erotica writer. This is so very akin to my process.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I haven't listened to the audio version yet, but I read the column last night and was absolutely captivated by it! And I simply have to quote this sentence:

Although we commonly think of fantasies as escape, I'm also beginning to realize that they are a kind of homecoming as well.

That belongs in Bartlett's! (Quotations, that is, not pears.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

The above was my "cerebral" comment about the prose. Now let's move on to the photo ... [Insert Jeremy's drooling animal noises, to taste.]

Donna said...

I'm glad it all resonated and provided some warmth on a cold winter day!

I'll have to write more about that session one day, ER. I mean, boudoir is always mocked, but I had such a good time ;-).

Craig, I'm glad my naughty polyamorous amorally insatiable appetites sound familiar to you!

And Jeremy, here's the true test--can I make your mouth water just a little over some husband-seducing chicken salad?

Ah, writers, always chasing the impossible....

Craig Sorensen said...

Ah, writers, always chasing the impossible...

The journey is the destination, dear Donna.

Verification word: polesun.

Pat Poleson for president? Showing my age? Anyone else get it?

(sound of crickets chriping.)

Craig Sorensen said...

Or maybe those crickets were chirping.

I dunno. It must be Sunday.

Donna said...

I do get the Pat Paulson reference, Craig, and he always got my vote. With Alfred E. Newman as VP.

The journey is indeed the destination. The foreplay is the pleasure. The chirping crickets are chriping or griping or whatever desire moves them.

I think I'm still high on the Sakura Masamune.

Actually, Craig, what I really want is to watch the Super Bowl and your house. Well, maybe not watch so much as nibble on the goodies....

Craig Sorensen said...

I'm making extra, Donna.

Appetizers start at kick-off time!

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't that my shirt?

Actually, you can borrow it any time ;>

Anonymous said...

HOLY GORGEOUS PICTURE!!! And really, I find your voice so magnificent it's almost silly, Donna.

Thank you for sharing said provocativeness (believe I just made that word up, but whatever) in your ERWA article, Donna. And thank you also for inviting us to explore and examine action whose importance/usefulness can hardly be overestimated, it seems to me.