Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More Amorous Secrets Revealed!

My new year is starting out quite nicely, indeed! Yesterday I went public with an absolutely sinful rice-pudding-and-eros tale over at Oysters and Chocolate (and Rice Pudding) and today you can check out one of my most enjoyable interviews ever which is now live over at Jennifer Prado's EMERGE--New Authors blog. Jennifer's the author of Latina in Wonderland and her blog is great! I'm joining an impressive list of new writers and I highly recommend the blog for some insights into the experiences of first-time novelists.

Jennifer asked some really insightful and thought-provoking questions. I just love it when I learn more about my own novel in dialog with a thoughtful reader. You can find out more about the Japan-Italy connection in Amorous Woman, my tips for newcomers to erotica, my mission to elevate Japanese men to international sex symbols, my fantasy film adaptation of the novel and of course more secrets from my past....

Leave a comment, if you're inspired, word-weaver friends of mine.

And stay tuned, a certain fellow chef-writer and I are planning something very nice for later this month. I guarantee it will get your juices flowing.

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