Friday, September 30, 2011

Sexy Writing Partnerships

Writing and sex have a lot in common, and I explore another way this is all too true in my latest ERWA column, Sexy Writing Partnerships: Mastering the Art of Reading, Responding, and Roasting Brussels Sprouts.  Originally I'd meant to put in a paragraph or two at the end of an earlier column about writing groups, but my memories of the good and the bad of writing feedback were so overwhelming, I decided to devote an entire essay to the topic.  And that was just the beginning--is there anything to get a writer going all night over a bottle of red wine than sharing stories of mean critiques?  Well, if you have the wine, I've got the tales, but I've also learned a lot about the kind of critic I want to be, a work in process of course.  If you have any suggestions for further tips on how to give and accept feedback on a very sensitive issue for a writer, let me know!

And I noticed fresh Brussels sprouts on the stalk are already available at my local uber vegetable market.  Gonna get roastin'....