Monday, November 26, 2012

Sizzling Sex at Work!

Mischief Books' sizzling sex-at-work anthology, Improper Conduct: Misbehaviour at Work, has gotten a promotion to a gorgeous new cover, but my story, "Model Employee," is still the teaser sample.  So head on over to Mischief for a sneak peek, or why not just go ahead and buy yourself a copy? (Amazon UK readers, shop here).  Who doesn't fantasize about defiling the sanctity of the workplace with some sexual self-indulgence?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Football Lovers: A Woman’s Guide to Enjoying a Rough, Manly Sport

The pro football season is in full swing, so there’s no better time to talk about the inspiration for “10 a.m. Kickoff,” my mid-morning offering for the pleasures-round-the-clock anthology Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples, edited by Alison Tyler.

I know there are women who’ve been raised on football and love it for the sport alone, but I’ll confess I’m not one of them.  I come from a family of three sisters, and our preferred activities were dancing, ice skating, and tennis, cute outfits required.  On Sunday afternoons, my father might occasionally sneak off to watch a football game on TV.  Now and then I joined him.  I always asked if he liked the white or dark team better (we had a black-and-white TV way past the time most of my friends’ families had switched to color), and try as I might, I never quite figured out how a first down worked.

I decided football was strictly for boys.

Then I met my future husband in the fall of 1985.  He's from Chicago.  Football fans will know that this was an unforgettable, historic time for a Chicago Bears fan.  He didn’t miss a game that season, although of course, living in California, he watched it on TV (a tiny black-and-white set he’d bought for $99 on a student budget).  I didn’t miss a game either, and I loved every minute of it.  Part of it was because he patiently explained all the basic and finer points of the game to me as we watched.  Part of it was that I came to appreciate the human drama of each player’s story.  Amusingly, I felt a special bond with coach Mike Ditka, who, like me, grew up near Pittsburgh, was an English major and chewed gum when he was stressed out.

But I’ll be honest.  The real reason I came to enjoy football so very much is that the two of us watched it as we lay in bed, skin to skin.  This excerpt from my story will give you a taste of how I became a football fan.  For couples who find themselves drifting apart come autumn--the man glued to the TV, the woman hoping his favorite team does not make the play-offs—well, why don’t you try our method for making football a mutually pleasurable activity?

From “10 a.m. Kickoff” in Morning, Noon, and Night:

The announcer’s voice rose in excitement.  Alex’s body tensed again.  He let out a sigh of victory and relaxed into the mattress.  I used that as an excuse to rock my hips forward, grinding my clit against his leg.

Alex glanced down at me with a faint frown.  He had to be aware how aroused I was.  I could feel my slickness as my pussy skated up and down over his skin.

His hand crept toward me, and I thought, for a stomach-churning moment, that he was going to push me away.  Instead he brushed my nipple through my nightshirt, then took the stiff tip between his fingers and tweaked it.

A jolt of electric pleasure shot straight to my groin. I moaned aloud into his shoulder.

He laughed softly.  Then let me languish there, unattended, while he swore at the ref’s bad call.

How the hell was I going to keep his attention on me instead of that damn game?  Desperate for an ally, I curled my fingers around his hard cock.  It twitched in solidarity.

Alex looked down at me again, as if deciding what to do.  Then he did push me away, rearranging our bodies so I was on my back and he was on his side.  One hand slipped around my shoulders to caress my breast, the other cupped my mons.  Caught in his embrace, I’d lost my power to control my own stimulation.  His cock, too, was safe from the temptations of my wandering hands.

“You be a good girl until half time,” he warned, his eyes still fixed on the TV screen.

I whimpered in protest, but could do little but surrender to my fate.

Which wasn’t as bad as it seemed at first.  Alex didn’t ignore me completely.  He doled out bits of pleasure between plays like single kernels of buttered popcorn.  A palm circling over a nipple here, an idle stroking of my slit there.  Just enough to get me arching up and breathing fast.  Gradually we established little rituals of celebration.  A first down for his team earned my breasts a few hot kisses.  A touchdown won me a spirited clit strumming that brought me almost to the verge—before his fingers retreated to the remote to check the game on the other channel.

After a while, my lust hovered at a steady simmer even through the breaks.  Yet each new ministration raised the temperature a few degrees until my flesh seemed to melt into a puddle of pussy juice beneath my ass.

At long last, half time arrived.....


Donna George Storey is the author of Amorous Woman, a semi-autobiographical tale of an American’s sexual awakening in Kyoto, which will change your image of Japan—and erotica--forever.  Her adults-only tales have appeared in over 150 journals and anthologies including Penthouse, Best Women’s Erotica, The Mammoth Book of Erotica Presents the Best of Donna George Storey, and The Big Book of Bondage.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Learning to Say "Yes" to Sex

I have a lot to be thankful for this month, including a recent visit to Beyond Romance, the blog of Lisabet Sarai, with my post "Discovering Sex and Self in a Foreign Land."  Lisabet's novel Raw Silk was one of the inspirations for my novel, Amorous Woman, so it's a special pleasure to be her guest. 

In this post, I discuss perhaps the master narrative of erotica:  an innocent woman's discovery of sexual pleasure.  Let's face it, even in our supposedly sex-saturated age, we are all bombarded with messages about the dangers of sexual desire, but women particularly still run the risk of being slut-shamed at any sign of erotic curiosity or pleasure.  The excerpt I posted at Lisabet's blog represents my protagonist's first moment of awakening--that saying "yes" does not mean the sky will fall on your head.  On the contrary, it can well be the first step on a wonderful journey.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sex Around the Clock

The season of excitement and revels draws nigh, and for me the fun begins tomorrow with the inaugural stop on the blog tour for Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples, edited by Alison Tyler, one of erotica's greatest!  The anthology takes you on an around-the-clock tour of erotic adventure, and you'll be inspired every step of the way.  For example, my story, "10 a.m. Kickoff," shows that a mid-morning football game can be much sexier than you ever imagined.  Follow the tour and tune in here on Saturday, November 17 for some hints on how to make football a sport to love for men and women alike!

1/13 Alison Tyler
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11/22 Justine Elyot
11/23 Kristina Lloyd
11/24 Preston Avery
11/25 Ashley Lister
11/26 Victoria Janssen
11/27 Always Each Other
11/28 Tamsin Flowers hosts Jeremy Edwards
11/29 Tenille Brown
11/30 Kat Watson
12/1 Alison Tyler
12/2 Sommer Marsden

Monday, November 05, 2012

Power to Pleasure: Cheeky Spanking Stories


It’s getting chilly outside, and I can think of no better way to warm yourself than by cuddling up with a copy of CheekySpanking Stories, edited by spanking diva, Rachel Kramer Bussel.  I’m the proud contributor of the story “The Assignment,” and I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at my inspiration for this particular spanking scenario.

While I appreciate the physical rush of a nice slap on the butt cheeks, the psychological aspects of spanking especially fascinate me as a writer.  I can get plenty excited just talking about spanking, and indeed, I realize now that all of the stories I’ve written on this theme focus on a loving, lingering verbal seduction.  I believe the power play of spanking reaches deep into our pasts, when the world was populated by so many authority figures.  We knew we had to please them, but were never quite sure of the rules or reasons behind their commands.  Their ghosts linger, but as adults, our clever minds find ways to translate frustration, subordination and surrender into sensual pleasure.  That transformation is certainly part of the magic of spanking for me.

“The Assignment,” is very much about a transformation from power games to pleasure.  A young journalist, Tamara Patterson, is assigned to write an article about spank daddies and gradually finds herself pulled into her own story when she encounters the sexy Dr. Richard Armstrong.  The story is very much about the power of words, from personal ad that sparks her curiosity, to the spanking questionnaire Dr. Armstrong requires of his clients, to the means by which the protagonist balances the exchange of power to achieve her own happy ending.

This particular story has been brewing for quite a while in my imagination.  Some twenty years ago, I was lying in a hotel bed in Knightsbridge, London, trying to get over jet lag by reading the personal ads in a free newspaper.  A relative innocent, I was rather shocked when I came across an ad by a fifty-year old man who was seeking young women who liked to have their bottoms spanked.  What kind of woman would actually answer this ad, I wondered.  I would never, ever go off to meet such a man in real life, but what if... this older man were very attractive and intelligent?  What if he looked into my eyes and knew my deepest desires?   What if he desired something only I could give him in return?

“The Assignment” is my answer to these questions.  In closing, I’d like to offer a brief excerpt from the story.  In this scene, Tamara has come to Dr. Armstrong’s office expecting to interview him, but he first insists she complete a survey about her own background and sexual fantasies.  Reluctantly, for the sake of her profession, she agrees.

From “The Assignment”:

The assignment completed, I passed the clipboard back to Dr. Armstrong with a shrug.

He glanced over my responses, then flashed me a very warm smile.  “Thank you for your cooperation.  I’ve had some unfortunate dealings with interviewers, and this was my way of testing your sincerity.  I’m at your service now, but I do hope it was valuable for you to get a sense of what it’s like to be a new client.”

I had to laugh.  “Actually I did learn a lot.  How do your real clients deal with such intimate questions?”

“The women who come to me are confident in their desires.  They enjoy being dominated and appreciate my professional approach to establishing the parameters of my services.”

“Indeed, while we’re on that topic, Doctor, exactly what type of services do you provide?”

He leaned back in his chair, clearly relishing the chance to elaborate on his area of expertise.  “That varies with the client and her level of experience.  Many novices are satisfied with verbal chastisement culminating in a mild administration of the hand or paddle, just enough to keep them remembering the session for the rest of the day.  The more seasoned veterans have built up a tolerance and seek variety in the implements—crops, canes, belts, hairbrushes.  They appreciate my specialty--maximum sensation with minimal marking—especially if their partners are unaware of their sessions with me, although I’m confident my therapy has a positive effect beyond this office.  A select group of special clients are permitted to request additional services.  For example, I’ll allow them to masturbate in my presence after their spanking or let them perform fellatio on me, if the request falls within the proper guidelines.”

I immediately pictured a naked woman with a rosy bottom kneeling before the doctor to take his stiff cock in her mouth.  Flustered by the obscene image, I spoke without thinking.  “I see.  Do you also have intercourse with these ‘special clients,’ Doctor?” 

Armstrong’s serene expression immediately darkened.  “Ms. Patterson, you are showing your appalling ignorance of the type of eroticism I offer here.  Spanking is an art, not a cover for male prostitution.”

My face flamed with embarrassment at my faux pas, exactly the kind of cheap journalism he wanted to avoid.  “I’m so sorry, Dr. Armstrong.  That was terribly insensitive of me.”

My hasty apology seemed to placate him.  “Perhaps we can avoid such misunderstandings in the future if you look over some of the introductory materials I give to my first-time clients?”

I nodded vigorously.  “I look forward to learning more.” 

“Then this is a good time to take a break.  Can we follow up tomorrow afternoon at this same hour?”

“I appreciate the second chance, Doctor.”

Escorting me to the reception area, the doctor told his assistant to “give Ms. Patterson the introductory reading and An Education.”  With a final nod to me, he disappeared into his office. 

Smirking, the woman walked over to a well-stocked bookshelf in the corner of the room.  The first book she handed over was a slim paperback with a plain blue cover entitled Dr. Armstrong’s Joy of Spanking.  It was the second, however, that made my eyes practically pop out of my head.  The glossy cover was a photograph of a woman’s bare buttocks, a plaid skirt hiked to her waist and white cotton panties pushed down her thighs.  The voluptuous ass cheeks were marked by a red handprint, but most shocking of all were the exposed labia, pink and pouting and glistening with arousal. The title was written in neon pink:  An Education for Samantha by Anonymous.

Blushing fiercely, I shoved the books into my briefcase and rushed out the door.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Musings of a Dreamer

When I was a child, I saw November as but an empty space between Halloween and Christmas.  But in the past few years, it's come to be my favorite month, perhaps because it is an oasis of relative quiet between two busy family holidays.  There's another reason I love November, though, because that's when I make my delicious Lover's Favorite Grand Marnier Cranberry Relish.  Today I discuss this special holiday treat, erotica writing, and more over at Rhonda Laurel's blog, "Musings of a Dreamer."  Rhonda is a fellow contributor to All-Romance Ebooks' Passionate Cooks recipe collection (which is absolutely free to download!) and has been a cordial hostess.

I recommend the cookbook--all of the recipes are favorites from erotica and erotic romance writers--but if you'd like a head start on the cranberry relish, here's how I make it.  The canned jelly sauce might always have a place on your table out of nostalgia, but I guarantee this new way to dress up cranberries will delight your palate!

First I chop 1 1/2 cups walnuts in a food processor, but not too fine to give the relish character.  I put the nuts in a large storage bowl, then pick through two bags of fresh cranberries to get 12 ounces of unbruised, healthy red berries.  These get chopped fine in the food processor and added to the nuts.  I put two peeled and cored Pippin apples into the chopper, then add them to the bowl along with 2/3 cup sugar, 1/2 cup orange marmalade, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 2 Tablespoons Grand Marnier (or Curacao) and 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon.  The relish needs to age overnight, but then it's ready to eat.  It will keep well for weeks but it never lasts that long.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Amorous Woman Gracefully Illustrated

Halloween is over, but the excitement continues with a very special guest appearance at K.D. Grace's blog: "An Amorous Woman's Exotic Journey: The Storey Behind the Story."  I talk about some of the settings that inspired scenes in my novel, Amorous Woman, and share evocative photos from my last trip there with my family a few years ago.  Plus you can enjoy some steamy excerpts from my favorite scenes.  So head on over to K.D. Grace's "A Hopeful Romantic" for your own armchair trip to a Japan few tourists ever see!