Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sexy Soup of the Evening

I was right, a fine soup always tastes richer and spicier after an overnight rest! Pop on over to Jeremy Edwards' room-with-two-views to sample the tasty results for yourself. Prepare yourself for some savory indulgence, delightful humor and a soupcon of danger. Ladies (and gentlemen if you dare), I advise wearing your fishnet stockings because after a few sips of our charming hosts' Fishnet Creek wine, you'll be reminiscing with the rest of us--with shocking, amusing and very familiar confessions in abundance.

For those of you who are new to our dinner, please feel free to comment under a pseudonym or anonymously. We love to bring new voices to the party.

And finally, I just have to point you to Nikki Magennis' wonderfully clever book trailer for her new novel, The New Rakes. I just have to know what's happening inside those pages--well done! Thank you, Jeremy, for your wonderful book release party yesterday.

1 comment:

Jeremy Edwards said...

You see, folks: if you follow our recipe to the letter, the soup comes out exactly like ours—including the bowl!

Thanks, Donna!!