Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ipanema Idyll

Mmmmm, this caipirinha is very tasty and it goes perfectly with this spicy fish stew! Sorry for the late start, I'm on Brazil time, taking it easy on the terrace overlooking the beach in Ipanema. There's music, there's stargazing, and as always the genial conversation is both pleasurable and educational. I now know that my Chinese astrological sign is the metal ox, like Barack Obama. We're the sign of "hard work brings achievement." Let's hope so!

If you're looking for some enlightenment or just a great plate of swordfish stew in some good company, head over to Neve Black's where she and frisky astrologer Roxanne are hosting today's stop on our blog progressive dinner.

This party is knocking my socks off--good thing I'm at the beach!

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