Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Desire Made Me More Interesting to Myself

I'm really excited to announce my latest interview over at the blog of Anna Cook, The Feminist Librarian.  The interview is part of the blog tour for Women in Lust, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.  Rachel's latest anthology is particularly strong precisely because it's about strong women who have the courage to explore their desires--it's a very inspiring and empowering read.  My story, "Comfort Food," is a favorite of mine because it deals with appetites of all kinds, for food, sex, and enjoying sensual pleasure of all kinds.  In the story, the narrator has an epiphany that really resonates with me:  "My desire made me more interesting to myself."

Isn't that what attraction and lust are all about?

The questions Anna asked me in the interview really got me thinking about erotica, my own writing, and our unfortunate cultural habit of thinking sex is "out there" in Hollywood or sexy magazines.  That other people decide who is sexy, and the rest of us have to watch from the sidelines.  Writing erotica helped me understand sexiness is inside of me, and that sense of empowerment ties back to the theme of Women in Lust as well.  I highly recommend you head over to Anna Cook's blog and read the interview, as well as her other posts.  She is a thoughtful and thought-provoking blogger, and I was delighted to be invited!

(The photo above is of my collection of erotic books related to Japan and Japanese culture.  Makes me want to roll around and read for hours!)