Saturday, January 17, 2009

Italian-style Flour is Delicioso!

Maybe it's synchronicity, but on the very day after I posted my interview with Susan DiPlacido, I tried out a new Italian-style flour from King Arthur in my pizza dough recipe. Mama mia, it was delicioso! The crust was crisp and flavorful and as close to a boutique pizzeria--or a pizzeria in Rome--as I've ever managed. And the dough was a delight to work with. For the first time I could actually snap the crust onto the pizza stone with my peel without all the topping falling off! I'll definitely be re-ordering, but I noticed that others must have had the same experience, because the product is on back order now.

As Alice Waters always says, high-quality ingredients are the foundation of good cooking, and this was certainly a dramatic illustration of that wisdom. I think it's going to be pizza again next Friday, if I can wait that long....

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Donna said...

I thought you might find this useful, Kirsten. Except, damn them, they should do a better job of stocking! I got mine through mail order along with their Irish whole weat flour, which made a nice hearty loaf, too.

This the first time I've tried the flour in anything and I've yet to tackle homemade pasta, although I'm open to the idea. Maybe you should do a taste test with the two types of flours--for our blog dinner?