Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Spicy Gasthaus Interlude

Today our hot-el erotica wordsmith is the musical and poetic Craig Sorensen, who's going to give up a sneak peek of his new novel. That's a peep through the keyhole all writers are willing to risk a backache for... and it's just in time for the arrival of the cocktail weiners wrapped in pretzel dough. Watch out, that mustard's spicy! So without further ado, here's Craig....

First thanks to Donna for inviting me to muse on the sexiness of hotels, and for being the first to present a taste of my book, Augsburg Diary.

This story is set in a German US Army barracks in 1980. There is a healthy dose of fact in this book. For one, I was indeed stationed at Field Station Augsburg from August of 1980 to August of 1982.

Another irrefutable fact about life in the Army in Germany around 1980 is that stereo equipment and music collections were important status symbols, especially among the men. The gear was cheap at overseas Px (Post Exchange) stores, and some of the huge stereos were almost comical in their contrast to the small barracks rooms they occupied.

Another fact was the high failure rate of marriages. I don't know statistics, but I knew a lot of folks in the barracks who were carried the title: "Ex."

Through it all, a Gasthaus could be a great respite from Army life. I grew to love die Gasthäuser, both as a place to get a drink (or two, or three, or...), and as a place to spend a night (or two, or three, or...) Often they are like a cross between a Bed and Breakfast and a Hotel, such as the one in the excerpt I'm sharing, which is based on a place I stayed at in the town of Zweibrucken in early 1981.

Aimee and Ron are just such a divorced couple from Augsburg Diary. When handsome Ron is about to be rotated back to the states, he talks his ex-wife into joining him for dinner at a Gasthaus which rents rooms upstairs. It turns out he has a bit more on his mind than the köstliches Pfeffersteak!

I hope you'll enjoy this exclusive sneak-preview of my novel.

Be sure and tip your bellboy (or bellgirl, as the case may be.)

And now, a spicy sampling of Augsburg Diary.

The small Gasthaus room had no bathroom - just a sink on one side right next to an old dresser with a simple lamp atop it, a nightstand next to the small, double bed with a matching lamp and two small arch backed chairs.

The bathroom, with its bathtub and small wall mounted water heater, stood twenty paces down a narrow hall.

Aimee studied the old, vine motif wallpaper and sighed. Ron removed his jacket, exposing the back of his mint green shirt with glossy gold rank insignia on the collars. He loosened his crisp black tie and pulled the loop over his head then hung it on the small coat hanger to the side of the mirror. He removed his shirt deliberately and turned back to Aimee. She remained fixed. The sparse evening light from the eight-pane window cast over the bed. Her fingers curled to the hem of her dress. Ron approached and reached around her shoulders. Slowly, she raised her arms under his and gripped his thick shoulder muscles. His arms crushed her full breasts to his broad chest and she got that wonderful, breathless feeling. But she wanted to ask why they were doing this, with him so close to leaving.

She didn’t.


“So, how did you find this place?” Sweat evaporated, cooling Aimee’s skin on the warm late night.

Ron’s fingers traced her stomach and inside her hips the way he always had after they made love. “Nice, isn’t it.” He pressed his thigh tight to her soaked pubic hair.

Aimee nodded. “Mmm.”

Ron’s right arm circled her neck. His left rested in the crease of her groin. “It’s great to be with you again, Aimee.” His middle finger dipped inside her. His thumb began to swirl around her clit. She’d had two orgasms already, and the long nap between them was deep and divine. The whole evening had been remarkable, even for Ron, who had always been a good lover.

She raised her hips into his hand. His bare ring finger dipped inside.

“You know, Aim?”


“I’ve got a new Teac reel to reel.”

“S’nice.” Her hips rose and fell in time as his index finger joined in, and he curled all three inside her. She fought for breath at the deep sensation. She reached between his legs. His cock was hardening again.

“So I can play the tapes we recorded on the ReVox.”

“Mmm.” He leaned over her chest and took her thick pink right nipple in his mouth. His cock was getting harder. The tingle of her nipple shot down through her waist like an electric shock. It was so powerful that it hurt a little. It felt heavenly.

“It sounds real good with my old stereo at low volumes.”

She thought of that tape. He’s going to ask me back to his apartment—the apartment we once shared. She quickly subjugated her mixed feelings. Her voice was disjointed: “Nnh. Oh.” The oh was half exclamation, half reply. His cock was as stiff as it had been the first time they’d made love in the Gasthaus room. But rather than sate it, he knelt between her legs and kissed her clit his fingers curled in and out. She gasped. Eating out was something Ron rarely did; he wasn’t particularly good at it, but the mere fact that he was doing it, while his hard on raged with an insistence that usually demanded immediate satisfaction led toward another orgasm. He rubbed the flat of his tongue over her clit inarticulately. Its roughness and the heat of his breath was enough. Aimee was stunned when her waist clenched through a gentle orgasm.

Ron’s face appeared like a hungry sunrise. He crawled up from between her outstretched legs and eased his cock inside her. “Maybe we could trade stereos,” he whispered. “I mean, I’m not in the barracks, don’t need to keep it down, you know?”

Aimee’s hands and feet tingled. She wanted to push him off her and demand he take her back to the barracks. She didn’t know cars, but she knew stereos, and the ReVox she had bought for their apartment was worth three times his old stereo, even with the new Teac, which didn’t hold a candle to the ReVox.

But it wasn’t even that.

He gripped behind her knees and pressed them to her chest and her breath escaped. His thick cock felt so good as it reached its apex inside her. He compressed her like a wrecked car in a crusher. She fought for breaths in quick swells at the small decreases of pressure while he pumped. Heavenly.

She had indeed bought the ReVox system for Ron. But after suffering the embarrassment of walking in on him screwing a willowy redhead doggy-style on their bed, not once but twice, it was one of the few things she had taken after the divorce.

Ron kissed her deeply. The taste of the beer he had just finished was slightly effervescent and blended with the taste of her well-lubed vagina on his lips. He lay his head next to hers, his nose next to her ear. “I love you, Aimee.” He slowed his stroke, his fingers curled to her clit and she felt the twinges of orgasm yet again. She’d never had so many orgasms in one sitting.

Fuck you, Ron. But she’d never say the word fuck. “I—uh—I’ll think—uh—about it.”

He kissed her deep again and she felt the fresh orgasm pulse down her waist.

I know, we all want more! I'm going to go order some more beer, in the meantime, get ready for a Friday motel frolic with Neve Black--it's quick, cheap and guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


Nikki Magennis said...

Craig, this is so cool! Very interesting tension between Aimee and Ron, with lovely dashes of cold reality in among the fucking.

I bet the rest of the book is fascinating too. Can you give us a hint of the plot? It's men with big guns, isn't it?! ; )

As for German food, oh my word. I love the brot und wurst, but after a couple of weeks of full on fleisch I end up craving vegetables. (And would you believe it - beer is apparently not a vegetable!)

Erobintica said...

Okay. I need a cold, tall lager after that! And where is that bellboy? He needs a tip right now.

Hey Craig, how long do we have to wait for the rest of this?

But really, a Teac? Hehe, I had a Teac.

Seriously, this was wonderful. Thanks Craig. And..

Thanks Donna for this wonderful little escape.

Now back to my own writing - yeah, I sneaked back onto the internet - naughty me.

Straightens up - sore back? Who has a sore back?

Neve Black said...

Congratulations again on the completion of your novel. Bravo!

Thank you so much for this delightful, and sexy taste. I'm intrigued. Hmmm...a man that gives a woman that many orgasms in one session definately deserves another chance in my book. I'll have to read the book to find out, eh?

Thank you for another fanatastic hotel romp, Donna!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Craig! I like the interesting dynamic of the two of them being together having been previously married. And indeed, congratulations again on finishing your novel!

This is great fun, Donna. :) Thanks!

Ah, my spam word is "resses." Isn't that delightful -- Blogger wants us all to come out and play! ;)

Donna said...

Yes, even Blogger wants to join in the fun.

Craig always brings such emotional complexity and realism to his lovely erotic scenes. I think we have a treat in store with this novel!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Great scene, Herr Erotischliteraturmeister! The elegantly balanced give-and-take between the dialogue and the beautifully described physical details works like a [insert impressive-sounding German word here]!

Craig Sorensen said...

Thank you Nikki, I'm glad you enjoyed! Sometime I'll tell you the story about the difference between a weapon and a gun, as per a Drill Sergeant's instruction during basic training.

Regarding the plot: good guess! Actually, there's not a single scene with weapons. The unit I was in at Augsburg was a military intelligence unit!

I'm a Bratwurst fanatic myself! Give me a Brat and a Paulaner Pils and I'm in heaven.

I guess beer falls into the grain group, right?

Craig Sorensen said...

Hi Robin, I'll pass a Paulaner. Yes, I do love that beer.

I had a Teac too, amongst my gear in the barracks. I couldn't afford a ReVox!

The book is written, and I'm about to start shopping it around.

Wish me luck, and happy writing.

Craig Sorensen said...

Why thank you, Neve. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Quite a task, finishing a book, as you know!

Craig Sorensen said...

Thank you Emerald.

The previously married folks getting back together for trysts was not unusual either.

It was definitely a world unto itself.

Craig Sorensen said...


First, my verification word is undies. I'm not making that up.

I also want say how much I enjoy this opportunity to share an excerpt of my book and your kind words about it.

Augsburg Diary, like Amorous Woman, draws from my real life experiences overseas in my younger days, which I think makes sharing this on your blog extra cool.

Craig Sorensen said...


Ausgezeichtnet! (one of my favorite German words, meaning outstanding.)

Danke, mein freund, for the kind Wörter!

How do you like my "blended" German?

Craig Sorensen said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Kirsten. As you know, Portland/Seattle is not far (in a Pacific Northwest sort of way) from where I grew up, so I'll be there!