Monday, February 23, 2009

Party With Me in Suite Amour!

Hotel rooms turn me on. The blankness, the anonymity, that big bed begging you to strip off its tacky flowered spread and indulge in sensual excess. It’s not just me. I’ve found things in my travels: European porn with captions in four languages stuffed in a phone book, a single black stocking behind a chair.

So begins my story "Room Service," the last steamy tale in Rachel Kramer Bussel's very sexy new anthology Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories.

The truth is hotel rooms do turn me on. And I did find European porn stuffed in a phone book in a hotel room in Brussels. The Omni in Baltimore had the single black stocking behind the chair. Other parts of my story are autobiographical, too. I find the sight of a man click-clicking at a mouse suggestive. I daydream about the people who've had sex in my hotel bed before me. As for the rest of the action in "Room Service," well, I'll let you decide what's real and what's fantasy....

Speaking of fantasies, another one of mine is to rent a lovely suite in a grand city hotel, hire sexy bartenders, pop open magnums of champagne, and party on into the night with my fellow storytellers, dancing, talking, nibbling on room service treats. The great thing about the blogosphere is that fantasies can become virtual reality and so I'd like to invite you all to party with me in Suite Amour, overlooking the lovely San Francisco Bay.

While we eat and drink, we'll talk about hotels as a setting for sensual indulgence of every sort, rather like a modern-day, hotel-happy Decameron. Share your fiction and memories of hotel romps, recommendations for places to stay for a romantic weekend or a down-and-dirty lunchtime rendezvous. Tell us about your favorite hotel scenes in classic novels or what turns you on about hotel sex. Email your stories to me and I'll post them here for all to enjoy as we empty the mini-bar and ignore the pounding from the room next door (it's not annoyed neighbors trying to sleep, it's an inspired couple doing the mattress dance, right?)

Join me tomorrow when everyone's favorite effervescent MC Jeremy Edwards stops by with some naughty hotel stories to share. Be there or you won't get any mints on your pillow!


Neve Black said...

Congratulations, Donna!

Congratulations to everyone. I love the cover, love the concept. Yummy, yum, yum, yum.

Yes, I'll be stopping by, what room is it again? Oh never mind, silly's 69 correct?

Donna said...

Naturally, it's Suite 69. Just follow your ears towards the sounds of husky murmurs and popping corks ;-)!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Your story opening is the ultimate in enticing, Donna! I'm sure room service will be flooded with "Send me up a copy of that book!" calls.

And thank you for that sweet suite introduction! I've just filled up a suitcase (with erotica, not clothes, of course) and am on my way.

Erobintica said...

Champagne you say? Pillows? Mints? Pillows? Naughty stories?

I am there! (I've even got my key fob for Room 69).

Craig Sorensen said...

Sounds like an excellent collection, and what a great group of authors!

I'm knocking on the door of Suite 69, and I look forward to Jeremy's contribution.

I've been known to dally about in Hotels for extended periods of time, raise the ire of owners, and have too good a time.

So you may regret asking me along.

my verification word is strist.

s'anyone up for a s'trist?

Maryanne Stahl said...

gorgeous cover.