Friday, February 27, 2009

An Hour at The Blue Dolphin

I've been having a wonderful time peeping through keyholes and curtains to catch glimpses of tangled sweaty limbs and lustful couplings of every flavor! Best of all, there's a nice long hallway of naughty scenes coming our way, so give your back a stretch and get ready for more. Today's storyteller, the scintillating Neve Black, whisks us from Craig Sorensen's Gasthaus interlude to a seedy rent-by-the-hour motel (Love 'em!). It's always a true pleasure to hang with Neve--her generosity and sense of fun make happy dolphins of us all. Is this tale fiction or memoir? Neve's not telling, so my next question must be what shall we nibble as we listen? I'm thinking I might head out for a big stack of hot-n- juicy, fast-n-easy In-N-Out Burgers for the carnivores, fries and shakes for the vegetarians. And if you're still hungry for more, check out Neve's new novel Sex Through the Zodiac--you can find out some unzipped insider secrets about this starry romp right here.

Oh, and special thanks to all-around artist Nikki Magennis for the fabulous photograph entitled, most appropriately, "Sleaze Window"!

The Blue Dolphin by Neve Black

“Sorry, dude. It’s by the hour.” The crusty looking motel clerk said to my boyfriend, John, while he slowly lifted his head up from his smut magazine and scratched his protruding beer belly.

I stood there standing next to John, fidgeting. John was a consummate negotiator. He was trying to buy 30 minutes of motel time, instead of the one hour minimum. Impatiently, I shifted my weight from one hip to other. John glanced over at me, I raised my eyebrows and he let out sigh of defeat before pulling his wallet from the back pocket of his tight fitting, 501’s. Fortunately, John had a glorious cock, which balanced out his cheap-ass spending habits.

It was my adventurous idea to try out the Dolphin Motel. John kept referring to it as, “The Blue Dolphin Hotel.” The idea of blue dolphins and the word, h-o-t-e-l must have added a touch of elegance to John’s sense and sensibilities, because clearly, The Dolphin was a seedy joint.

Motel door shut and locked, John’s tawdry side finally came out to play. He flipped on the small television set that played nothing but 24 hours of non-stop porn. John was all hands as he quickly moved toward me; forcefully pushing me down onto the queen size bed. The faded, flowery bedspread and squeaky mattress and box spring welcomed my small frame. Horrific acting and fabricated moaning flooded the room. I didn’t care.

John was a horny dolphin that afternoon; swiftly pulling my pants and panties down, spreading my legs and then snuggling his dark hair and greedy mouth between my legs. My slippery, slick pussy lips kissed him back as if they were starving. After orgasm number three, I finally caught my breath and said, “God, aren’t you glad we still have another 30 minutes, baby?” He grunted out a yes as he thrust his cock deeper inside me.


Neve Black said...

You're such a TEASE! Oh, how I love and miss those In-and-Out Burgers. Yummmy!

I can remember when I was living in San Diego and some horny dolphin types would edit their In-and-Out Burger bumper sticker so it read: In-and-Out Urge. Gotta love it!

Thank you for letting me participate in the hotel sex.

Donna said...

The more the merrier when it comes to hotel/motel sex, right ;-)?

I just love this piece, Neve, it got me laughing and then it got me...hungry for some hot, juicy meat.

And I'm a vegetarian, lol.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Horny dolphins in "hotel" motels! Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hot! I have no idea why, but something about the squeaky mattress in that scene turned me on (lol). Thanks Neve!!

"The more the merrier when it comes to hotel/motel sex, right ;-)?"

Oh, what a fun place this is... ;)

Erobintica said...

hahaha - Neve, when I posted over at your blog I hadn't even read this excerpt - he is faster than lightning!

Donna, you've turned us all into voyeurs - isn't it wonderful? ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

Nice excerpt, Neve. I do like when you get all earthy. You do it well!

A great photo from Nikki!

Yeah, I miss the In-and-Out Burgers too. Damn!

As if I wasn't already hooked on this blog.

Neve Black said...

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Thank you Donna for inviting me up to your room. :-)

Thanks to everyone that stopped by The Blue Dolphin too.

p.s. The Dolphin Motel still exists today, but after checking their website, it looks like they no longer rent by the hour. Bummer!

Nikki Magennis said...

Neve, I loved this. Sorry, I'm late, but what a beautiful wee snippet!