Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Multiple Desserts, Multiple Lovers....

Listen, you won't be surprised to hear that while I was drooling and dreaming about each and every stop on our fabulous blog feast, a little voice inside my head was always purring "and then you'll get to have dessert, ooooh...." Sure, there was a wee chance I'd be disappointed because my fantasies about sweet things are so wild and elaborate. Still my heart started beating a bit faster this morning when I rolled out of bed and clicked on over to Sommer Marsden's blog for a peek at today's feast.

I'm not disappointed.

Sommer calls herself the "queen of multiples." Multiple orgasms, multiple obsessions, multiple desserts.

Were we separated at birth?

I'm going to go now because it's hard to write with my mouth full, but do join us for an orgy of delight: a dessert for the kid at heart, a dessert for the nibbler who likes sweet and salty combined, and a dessert for the traditional nosher. And we haven't even gotten to the more fleshly delights and naughty secrets....

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