Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wearing O’ The Green

I’m a wee bit of a Luddite when it comes to technology and had to wait, oh, about thirty years, for the old-fashioned film lab to develop this photo of me all ready to go out to my next party on our blog progressive dinner. This is the dress I wore to Emerald’s fancy dress affair. Most of the time I just went in casual dress—or au naturel as many of the hosts preferred.

I’ve got a split personality when it comes to clothes. Most of the time, I like casual and comfortable. As in jeans or sweat pants, like Sommer Marsden (in fact, exactly like Sommer Marsden—hear that, Herr Doktor?). But then there are times when I just love to pull out the stops and dress up in shimmery things, pin up my hair in fancy retro do’s and doll myself up in the kind of lipstick that leaves dangerous marks on collars.

Back in college, I was a regular shopper at vintage clothing stores in NYC and that’s where I found this crinoline-skirted gown, which may have done its first tour of duty as a bridesmaid's dress. And who says you can never wear those things again? I like it because it makes my eyes look green, gives me an impressive bust (look, I’m not really obsessed with this, it just sounds that way, okay?), and whisks me back through the decades to another era. I’m not sure why I look so serious. Perhaps because all the fashion magazines show beautiful women with angry pouts or touch-me-not blank stares and I was trying to be like them? In reality, though, I like being touched. A lot.

Ah, but while I’m back on the topic of NYC, my goal for the next week or so is to finish up my blog diary of my book tour. And believe me, the best is yet to come….


Neve Black said...

Look how beautiful and fancy-shmancy you look!

You're even wearing a corsage! Hmmm... I wonder if those are Japanese flowers?

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fabulous dress, and utterly not surprisingly, you look SO beautiful!! Thanks for posting this! I appreciate your joining me in the "to-the-nines" dressing up for my course. ;)

You look magnificent.

Donna said...

Nope, Neve, it was carnations or something. My boyfriend at the time was cheap, lol.

We were going to a Christmas party at our eating club. I belonged to the club with the gourmet chef, although it wasn't socially all that "cool." But the food was fabulous, and I think that night was the first time I had the now ubiquitous flourless chocolate torte.

Thank you, Emerald. I do think your emerald satin dress is much sexier, though :-).