Monday, February 02, 2009

What's the Sexiest Season?

Put on your fanciest clothes (I'm loving this chance to wear my emerald-green taffeta party gown!) and head on over to the Greenlight District blog of Ms. Emerald, one of the coolest and most sensual erotica writers I know. I still remember my first encounter with Emerald, her sassy and very sexy story "Deal" in Best Women's Erotica 2006. I was immediately enamored with the spirit and sensibility of this story and remember thinking, "I'd probably get along really well with this author. And gee, I kind of wish I wrote this hot story, too!"

As this fabulous blog dinner is making clear, sometimes wishes do come true, and indeed I have gotten to know the person behind the deal through email and then in the flesh last October--and she is a true jewel. As you might expect, she knows how to throw a sparkling good party. And what better February pick-me-up than a fresh salad loaded with goodies, a silky smooth cocktail and a poetic meditation on the sexiness of each season?

See you there!

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Anonymous said...

So, I am working on finding my voice after the speechlessness induced by Donna George Storey implying that she liked a story of mine enough to wish she wrote it...

:: taking a few more deep breaths ::

I am at a loss for words, Donna, but "thank you" seems available enough, for the entire content of this post. It is all more than mutual, and it has been a true delight and honor to have you at my blog today offering beautiful, poetic discourse about the seasons, Japan, and as usual, pretty much whatever you are choosing to speak of.