Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Take the High Road to Castle Comeagain

Our truly amazing blog progressive feast has reached its final evening, and we're ending it in fine style in bonny Scotland at the enchanting Castle Comeagain. Our host, Nikki Magennis, has outdone herself by offering us the perfect combination of cherry brandy truffles, gooseberry candies, marshmallows and coffee, which you may have with a splash of Scotch whisky (although I'm taking my whisky neat ;-)

The topic of discussion is also perfect for our farewell and the shadowy hall haunted by ghosts and dreams--what does the future hold for erotica, both personally and as a genre? This amazing feast, so full of creativity, humor, good fellowship and sensual pleasure, gives me great hope for what we can all achieve as writers and cultural innovators.

It is also fitting that one of my favorite stories by our hostess is called, "Under His Hands, I Blossom" (from Yes, Sir), and I guarantee that if you join us in the castle hall (gentlemen wear kilts, please), you too will blossom with good cheer.

1 comment:

Nikki Magennis said...

Aw, a thousand thanks as well as a thousand welcomes, Donna!

I'm curious - are physallis called 'gooseberry' in the US? Jeremy called them that too - over here gooseberries are small round green stripy hairy fruits.

It's really odd which words get translated differently!