Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Postcards from Jeremy Edwards

Mardi Gras is the perfect day to begin our party in sumptuous suite 69! Our first raconteur is the delightful Jeremy Edwards, who's confessed his own hotelphilia in private to me and in public to the world in so many steamy stories set in rented lodgings. But don't take my word for it--here's Jeremy!

The quiet elegance and modest luxury of a boutique hotel are so sexually stimulating for me. To my eye, the decor of a simply but artistically appointed hotel room is like a set of lingerie—there’s not much there, but every thoughtful detail is aesthetically pleasing. A cozy, attractive hotel room is a favorite place to rock the bed with my delicious wife ... and a favorite place to dip into a crisp, new volume of erotica. And I don’t mind admitting that it’s also a favorite masturbation setting for me. The exquisite private space within a cheerful public building; the pleasure-focused mindset of a vacation environment; and the inevitable thoughts of all the sexy women in other rooms and other buildings ... on sidewalks and subway platforms and in bedrooms and bathtubs ... it all makes me relish every moment with a special tingliness, and makes me want to dance with cosmopolitan ecstasy in the charming afternoon hotel-room light.

[“Architectural Photography,” posted at Alison Tyler’s blog]

Oh, that was the hotel in Phoenix, with the cartoonish turrets. I remember gazing down on the courtyard from our window while you hugged me from behind, frigging your bush against my buttocks and teasing my backbone with your nipples. You humped me like that till my erection pointed skyward; then you held it. I think you must have put your other hand between your legs, because as you stroked me off the sound of your breath became dense. I could smell your heat.

That one is from Chicago. Don’t be fooled by the size of the building: as you may recall, the entire block was composed of one immense complex, of which our hotel was only a sliver. There was barely room for the obligatory revolving door. Looking at this picture, what I really see is you with your ass in the air, your knees sinking into the super-soft mattress we had. That night, I went around and around in the revolving door between your thighs.

The picture next to it is the place we stayed at in Boston, of course—when they were in the middle of restoring the façade. Look how the painted-on tulips appear to be gradually resaturating from left to right! The shower in that hotel was a perfect aquatic sex-nest, just large enough for two to squeeze, really squeeze, together, without banging against the soap caddy. The steam enveloped us, and I could see it floating right into your pussy. I followed the steam.


[from “Pack the Essentials,” published at Oysters & Chocolate]

When I awoke in our sunny hotel room, my wife was reading a travel guide in a large, comfortable armchair, her bare feet together on the seat and her knees bent out from her body. Seated in this position, wearing a minidress, she was giving me an intimate view. Her narrowly clothed crotch took center stage, framed by the creamy curtain of her thighs and the cushion of her bottom. I noticed how the slim gusset of her lavender panties lay clingingly in the center of her slit, leaving the outer parts of her femininity visible. The lewd effect was crowned by the cute straw sun hat she had put on, in preparation for the day’s tourist activities.

As morning consciousness pushed out the haze of sleep, I remembered how our evening had begun. “Are you busy?” she had called to me from the bed, while I made some notes at the neat little hotel-room desk. “Because I was hoping you might come over here and kiss all the invisible hairs on my bottom. I’m situated just right, see?” Her eyes had lit up her otherwise impassive face as she gracefully flipped the back hem of her short, silk dressing gown to reveal the soft curves of her naked cheeks. They were radiant with anticipated delight. I had approached her and watched her derriere wriggle in a brief, involuntary spasm of pleasure. Her slight lime underpants, which she had peeled down silently while I had been absorbed in my work, nestled politely on the carpet at the foot of the bed. A minute later, I was feasting on her, watching the flesh of her hills drink every squeeze, every playful little slap, every tiny kiss; and seeing her roll into each titillation of our bedside feather up and down the sensuous crack.


Erobintica said...

Hmmm, I've never been to Phoenix - love the postcard. And ummmm, love the story excerpts Jeremy. Do you ever get any sightseeing done? And not that kind, hehehe.

All this talk of hotels makes me want to get away.

Marina said...

Hi Donna and Jeremy! Oh, what a lovely room - with a view of the two of you in those nice, plush robes the hotel has provided! What a great Mardi Gras treat! Thanks, Donna, for hosting! And Jeremy, thanks for sharing your thoughts and excerpts!

I absolutely love hotels and sex in hotels. Back when I was a young thing in my 20s just starting out, my man and I lived absolutely paycheck to paycheck. But, once in a blue moon, we’d splurge and scrape up enough money to go sleep in a hotel. It was an entirely irresponsible use of our money and such a luxurious treat!

For one thing, there’s that element of fantasy - of being in a completely foreign space where you’re anonymous. You can do what you want and be what you want. Who’s going to know? When you cross the threshold to your suite, you’re safe and you’re free!

And then, you’re in a space that has as its sole purpose your rest and relaxation. And, its main furnishing is a bed! How sexy is that! What else are you gonna do?

You know, I think some of the hotel names are funny, though. I mean, really - Holiday Inn Express?? Have we gotten so gauche and so complacent about sex that they have to make it obvious that they’re all about the “quickie?” Can you actually stay there overnight, or do they only cater to folks who just need a nap or a place to "do the mattress dance?"

Donna said...

Welcome Robin and Marina,

I do hope you'll send me stories of your own to share!

I absolutely agree with you, Marina, that the hotel is like a stage where we can play any role we like. Very smart of you and your man to save up for a night in a hotel--that's definitely escape on a budget :-).

Holiday Inn Express--yes, I suppose that could be interpreted erotically, lol, but in the ads they link it with intellectual accomplishments which I wonder now might be an effort to obfuscate the obvious....

Neve Black said...

Happy Madri Gras! Happy hotel/motel confessions!

Jeremy, your story is as sexy and hot as the Arizona heat. "...A cozy, attractive hotel room is a favorable place to rock the bed with my delicious wife...."

I just love that! Ohhhh, la, la!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love hotels. (Mr. Emerald and I are planning a trip to Disney World in a couple months, and he has arranged for us to stay in a pirate-themed room -- which reminds me of your post(s) about Japan's love hotels, Donna!)

Thanks for sharing, Jeremy and Donna!

Erobintica said...

Speaking of themed rooms - I've always wanted to stay here.

Donna said...

Oh, yes, the Madonna Inn! I'd love to stay there, too. We stopped in once and walked around the lobby and restaurant. Very baroque in the public spaces. I'm sure the rooms all have a very steamy history.

The pirate-themed room sounds awesome, Emerald. Disney World itself is a great escape. We got to Disneyland on this coast, but I know the Orlando branch offers a lot more. I always wanted to try their "drive-in movie" restaurant.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks so much for letting me fully indulge my hotelphilia here in this lustxurious suite, Donna! (And thanks for the plush robe, too.)

Erobintica said:
And ummmm, love the story excerpts Jeremy. Do you ever get any sightseeing done?

Thank you, Robin! Good point about the sightseeing. One can't have everything, right?

Marina said:
And, its main furnishing is a bed!

Yes, isn't that great? So easily taken for granted, but ... c'mon, it's a BED.

Neve said:
Jeremy, your story is as sexy and hot as the Arizona heat ... I just love that! Ohhhh, la, la!!

Thanks, Neve! And *I* love it when you say "Ohhhh, la la"!

Have a sexy time in Disney World, Emerald and Mr. E.! Lots of hotels to explore there.

Nikki Magennis said...

Aw, lovely excerpts Jeremy! I love the 'revolving door' image especially.

Hotels - hm. Mostly hotels make me nervous. I always worry I'm not doing it right ... Should I turn down the sheets or throw them on the floor? I think I'm most comfortable in the kind with yellowed walls and cockroaches, then I can pretend I'm in a French novel.

Yes, I am a freak. ; )

Congrats on hotel sex, Donna and Jeremy!

Craig Sorensen said...

Such sexy stuff, Jeremy!

Hotel rooms seem to fuse a newness of an unfamiliar place with the transitory of what might have happened before.

So much potential, a sense of innocence and a sense of experience.

Verification word = cubelous.

As in: I became lost in the corners of the cubelous hotel room with her.

Helia Brookes said...

What a yummy selection--thanks, Donna (and J of course!) Hotels have been the setting for wonderful sex and wonderful sleep--no surprise since one of the recommendations for insomnia is to reserve the bedroom for sex and sleep only.

The Madonna Inn--sounded vaguely familiar, but now I want to stay there too! Although I initially thought some of the rooms were over a river (really just a wet parking lot). I'm particularly fond of hotels that overlook or even straddle (now there's a good word!) train stations, expressways, etc.--a river would be so cool!

Jeremy Edwards said...

really just a wet parking lot

Oh, I'm sure the marketing people could do something with that: "Our premier suites feature a view one of California's most breathtaking hydrotarmac gardens."

Jeremy Edwards said...

But hydrotarmac gardens aside, thanks for the praise, Nikki,and Craig! And thanks for the praise and the real-life hotel sex, Helia! ; )

Nikki, I know that feeling of anxiety about "doing it right"!

Craig, what intelligent insights! Truly cubelous, dude. (I've decided that "cubelous" is a positive adjective, for my present purposes—along the lines of "tubular.")

Donna said...

You guys, this is too friggin' cubelously FUN!

Now I'm getting all squirmy over a pension in France with cockroaches. Brings back memories...

Anonymous said...

"one of California's most breathtaking hydrotarmac gardens"

I am still laughing out loud at this.