Sunday, March 08, 2009

Landlady Report from Sunny Blackpool

I hereby declare today Official "Sunny" Blackpool Day! We started off with a Blackpool poem, and now, for dessert, we have an illustrated, eyewitness report from D.L. King, who had the bloody good fortune to visit with Ashley Lister in Blackpool in real life! Photos courtesy of D.L.!
Ah, sunny Blackpool... Well, to be fair, it *was* the end of September. What can you expect from the North West of England in the end of September? (Actually, I got a sunburn in London, but that's really neither here nor there.) Sunny, or not, you can get a donkey ride on the beach; where else can you do that (outside of Mexico)?
Blackpool boasts the world's largest mirror ball. It's really very cool. If you squint, you can see me, Ashley and his son. Well, those blobs are us, I swear!
I had a great time in Blackpool, hanging out and drinking with Ashley (unfortunately, I'd quit smoking by the time I got there, else I could have said I had a great time drinking and smoking with Ashley, but even without the smoking, I had a great time! And my landlady was lovely. She was young and I didn't notice too many rules. Of course, after making it all the way to the top of the house, to my tiny garret under the eaves, I wouldn't have had enough energy for breaking the rules!

And just in case anybody was wondering, I wouldn't say no to rock--in case someone decided to send some through the mail, you know, the tutti fruity kind, just in case. I'm feeling particularly destructive toward my teeth.

Huge balls, donkeys, nonstop boozing--I'm jealous! All of this drooling in envy calls for second helpings on the tutti fruity rock for everyone. Thanks so much for the Colonist's tour of Blackpool this afternoon!


Emerald said...

Oh how fun — thanks Donna and D.L.! Those donkeys look so cute. So, as goofy as it may sound, I love things that are round and I love mirrors, so a huge mirrored ball is rather appealing to me. :) (That reminds me of my upcoming Walt Disney World trip...for years I have wanted my house to look like Spaceship Earth, lol.)

EllaRegina said...

Drinking and not smoking with the great Ashley Lister!? What could be more fun? I'm so totally jealous!

Fine reportage, D.L.!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Great counterpoint (or do I mean "counterpart"? "countertop"? No, that can't be right ...)

[Starting again]

Great companion piece to the other Blackpool item!