Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Me and Jon Stewart in the Mile High Club?

This has been a good day for me on the Internet! Rachel Kramer Bussel has just posted her interview with me on the topic of airplane eroticism and her newest anthology The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories. This was an especially fun interview to do because I’ve been in love with airports, airplanes and travel from a very young age. Find out about my favorite airport in the world, why I’d like to slip into one of those cramped restrooms with Jon Stewart, and the scientific research I did for my story in the anthology, “Nasty Little Habit.”

It's flight to remember!


EllaRegina said...

Lovely interview!

Let's make sure we never fly together on the same flight as Jon Stewart, OK? ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

Excellent interview! I too love the scents of an airport, and I love your take on strangers that one can encounter on a plane.

Erobintica said...

Let's make sure we never fly together on the same flight as Jon Stewart, OK? ;-)

Why's that ER? I'm sure you and Donna could share.

Donna said...

Absolutely, we could share, ER! And write a story for Black Lace's call for threesome stories ;-).

Emerald said...

What an unsurprisingly delightful and thoughtful interview, Ms. Donna! Also had me laughing out loud at parts. :)

I used to live in Pittsburgh, so how cool that you love their airport. I was indeed there a number of times. Mr. Emerald loves the smell of jet fuel, as it reminds him of his childhood on an air force base (his father was a fighter pilot). That's something I would not have expected you two to have in common. :)

I just received The Mile High Club a couple days ago and much look forward to reading your story — as well as taking it with me on a plane ride soon. ;)

Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Please, please, please make room for me, ER and Donna, if we ever happen to all end up on the same plane as Jon Stewart.

Jeremy Edwards said...

How did I miss this post? Jeremy is slipping. (Must be those banana peels.) Seriously, I read—and loved—the interview when it went up, but somehow missed your announcement.

SO ... please let me belatedly pull out some favorite bits, such as this gem of wisdom:

It makes me realize we’re all on the same journey, at least for a time. And why not have fun along the way?

and this jewel of wit:

For a woman, masturbating under the blankets is very doable. As a responsible professional, I confirmed the logistics on my last flight to Japan recently.

And your luscious story had me from the moment I boarded!