Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Behind the Scenes at a Reunion

Whew, the things that happen in hotel rooms! I notice everyone is looking a little…heated. Best to order in some cooling cocktails and supper, the kind of meal you might enjoy at a college reunion dinner. Having just been to my 25th college reunion, the menus aren’t bad these days: grilled salmon with a mango salsa, a salad of haricots verts and cherry tomatoes, rice pilaf. For dessert—Devil’s food cupcakes and cheesecake, naturally. It’s fun just to check out all the people chatting, catching up on what's happened over the last such-and-such years. The body language alone speaks volumes. Yes, I’ve heard all kinds of interesting things happen at class reunions, but never really got a close-up view.

Fortunately today in Suite 69 Heidi Champa is going to give us a glimpse into one such meeting after-all-these-years. I had the great pleasure to meet Heidi in person and read with her at Rachel Kramer Bussel's “In the Flesh” last October. Her story “This Just In” in Tasting Him (you can enjoy the reading on Youtube!) pushes all the right buttons for me, not to mention, the short and oh-so-sweet “Lights Out” in Frenzy. But I know, you’ve had enough appetizer. The main course is hot and ready. And special thanks to Nikki Magennis for snapping this photo of the incandescent proceedings from her window. Enjoy!

Reunion by Heidi Champa

My heart nearly stopped as he strode towards me, and I tried my best to act casual. Sipping my drink and looking away, Ethan brushed against me. I expected him to keep going, but he stopped, pretending to look at an old yearbook next to me on the table. I felt him press something into my hand, and I flooded with heat as he walked away, leaving the scent of his cologne behind. I couldn’t breathe.

Finding the bathroom, I locked the stall, finally feeling safe enough to open my hand and see what Ethan had given me. It was a plastic room key and a tiny piece of paper. I unfolded it, and it said, “Room 1534, 15 minutes.” My body shuddered. Ethan wanted me in his room in 15 minutes. I strode to the elevator, trembling and quaking inside, my face already flushed with excitement.

I slide the card key into the lock, waiting for the green flash to appear and signal me into the room. The cool air hit me as the door swung open, the room dark and untouched. The only sign of Ethan was a suitcase on a chair across the room. If I closed my eyes, I could smell him in that room. My mind was on overload, waiting for Ethan. He had left me changed all those years ago. There was no way to stop the intense mix of fear, anticipation, lust and excitement coursing through my body at that moment.

The minutes seemed to pass so slowly. Finally, I heard steps in the hallway, the click of plastic in the door lock. I held my breath as Ethan emerged through the door jam, his stride confident. The room remained dark and the shadows that fell across his face made him look rough and dangerous.

“I was surprised to see you here.” His voice was just as low and hard as I remember. He cut such an imposing figure. Just looking at him was flooding me with wetness. “I wasn’t going to come, but I figured what the hell. You came here hoping to see me, didn’t you?” Unable to manage actual words, I just nodded.

“Get up. Let me look at you.” I did as I was told, rising to my feet slowly. He stepped towards me, pushing my hair back from my eyes. Just as I relaxed into his touch, his hand tightened in my hair, pulling my head back harshly. Crying out into the dark room, I relished the pain, feeling the familiar surge of heat between my legs in response.

“What do you want me to do? Tell me, Diana. I want you to say it.”

I gasped again as his hand tightened a bit more. His eyes were bright, even in the dim light. I realized at that moment that he needed this as much as I did.

“Spank my ass. I need you to spank me, Ethan.” He grinned, releasing my hair. Turning me roughly, my hands landed on the bed. Ethan kicked my feet apart, pushing my skirt up my thighs. His hands ran up from my knees, moving my skirt up to my waist. The only things between us now were my pantyhose and thong, both wet from my pussy. I could feel him behind me, and I waited. His hands ran over my ass, smoothing over the nylon that covered my trembling flesh. Suddenly, I felt the material ripping and tearing away from my skin. The sound rang violently off the walls, filling the silence that had sat between us. I could feel my pantyhose in tatters at my ankles. My thong didn’t survive his assault either. My ass was now exposed, the cool air of the room raising goose bumps on my skin. I knew his eyes were on me, devouring me. But I needed to feel his hands; I needed him to touch me.

My hands dug into the bed, and I nearly jumped when I felt his hand come to rest on the small of my back. The other traced lazy circles across my skin, teasing me just like he used to. I held my breath, and closed my eyes. Time stood still for the next few seconds. And, then the familiar rush of air preceded the exquisite burst of pain. It took all I had not to scream out, to fall forward on the bed from the force. It was as if ten years of pent up energy landed on my ass in that spank. It was heaven.

Two more spanks followed and this time the scream did come. I didn’t care who else in the hotel could hear me, I couldn’t contain the feelings anymore. I could feel my wetness on my thighs and a slight sweat break out on my forehead. The spanks kept coming, in his unusual rhythm. My heart was pounding and I could feel the sting of tears in the corners of my eyes. Suddenly, he stopped. I felt, for the first time, how my flesh tingled and radiated heat.

“Stand up.” I moved away from the bed. I turned and saw him setting his tie aside, his jacket already off. His fingers then moved to my blouse, making quick work of the buttons. He stripped me naked, replacing my shoes after the pantyhose were gone. He sat on the edge of the bed and patted his lap. That smirk I loved was on his face. I draped myself across his knees, my nipples rubbing against the wool of his pants.

“You don’t mind if we don’t go back to the reunion, do you? We have a lot of catching up to do.”


Heidi Champa said...

Thanks for inviting me, Donna. And, thank you Nikki, for the lovely picture.

Hope you all enjoy it!!

Neve Black said...

I loved it! I lovevthe concept of getting a good spanking at school. It appears Heidi's Diana does too, even long after graduation. And people say how boring high school reunions can be. Not uh...

I was not expecting that ending! It's perfect. Thank you Heidi.

Erobintica said...

Hmmm. "Most likely to..." Thanks for that Heidi!

And I must say that I'm enjoying Nikki's photos.

If this keeps up much longer I'll have to drag Mr. E to a hotel somewhere. ;-)

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Heidi Champa said...

Thank you, Neve. I appreciate it.

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks, Robin.

I don't blame you. Run, don't walk to the nearest hotel. I've been thinking about a weekend getaway with my man too.

Donna said...

Weekend getaways are good things! And with all of this wonderful inspiration, how can it not be HOT ;-).

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the girl scout slogan:

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."

Though they probably weren't thinking of this exact situation when they wrote it...


Anonymous said...

Hot! Thanks Heidi!!

I know I keep saying this, but somehow I keep being reminded of it: I love hotels!!

Thanks again for all this fun, Donna.