Monday, June 22, 2009

Isabel Kerr and Beauty Under the Skin

Talk about synchronicity, the topic of beauty seems much on erotica writers' minds these past few days. Perhaps it's the baring of flesh that comes with summer?

In any case, Alison Tyler, had some interesting things to say about beauty, nakedness and writing and mentioned a wonderful story by Isabel Kerr, called "Love at First Sight," about a man's discovery of what true beauty can do. I'm always so impressed when a writer crosses genders and does it well. Isabel does it, well, beautifully.

Another tale to satisfy body, mind and spirit!


Isabel Kerr said...

Donna, I can not say thank you enough. I am so honored and thrilled to be honored here, with a humble nod to Alison too, thank you both.

Donna said...

My pleasure, Isabel. It's a wonderful story and I got to read it at a perfect time!

Alison Tyler said...

Really is just a beautiful story—you should be so pleased, IK!


Isabel Kerr said...

Thank you both. So. Much.