Monday, June 15, 2009

Self-Abuse is Good for You!

I was reading a new book promotion book--my next column of Shameless Self-Promotion is due soon and I'm getting back in the mood--and they suggested Googling yourself now and then. As if I need prompting to do that, but it had been a while, and my fingers were tingly so I went ahead and "did it."

It's a nasty little habit, but the trouble is, I feel like a lab rat who gets her reward now and then, often enough to keep at it even when the lever yields nothing. Fortunately, today I got another goodie, an unsolicited (and nice) review of Amorous Woman on Black Heart Magazine. Love that viral marketing! And love it when a reader who comes at me with a jaundiced eye gets won over by my stor(ey).

Recently I also got a nice note from a guy stationed in Iraq who enjoyed my novel. That got me thinking I'd like to do my part for our service people, especially those interested in things Japanese, by giving away a few copies of Amorous Woman. If anyone has any ideas on how to get in touch with interested parties in uniform, do let me know. I'm researching options now.


EllaRegina said...

Nice review!

Not sure about the "sex novel" classification but, whatever.

Yes, do your part for the boys overseas! Did the guy in Iraq say how he came across (no pun intended) your book?

I suppose you could place an ad in Stars and Stripes but maybe not. Oh, check in with Lily Burana on this one. Do you know who she is? A big name on the writing scene (subjects including sex) who happened to fall in love with a guy in the service. She just wrote a book called "I Love a Man in Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War, and Other Battles," where she tells all about her "unlikely marriage." Her website.

I salute you!

Donna said...

Hey ER, well, let's hope "sex" sells in this case, lol.

Hmm, thanks for the Lily Burana link. It's probably worth sending her an email just to see if she has any advice (or more likely any time to reply, lol). I'm thinking I'd be more interested in chat groups or blogs than placing an advertisement. I really do just want to give away the books.

The soldier did not mention how he got the book and he hasn't responded to my thank you (most "fans" don't, which I can understand and don't mind, especially since I didn't ask any questions he'd need to reply to).

I do know that the Middle East is very conservative about erotic material, so I wanted to focus on the Japan folks who might be interested in the cultural element of Amorous Woman. Thanks for your help!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Congratulations on the review, and the appreciative e-mail from overseas! I hope you find a way to implement your generous plans.

Donna said...

I do mean for it to be generous actually, although I dunno, does it seem tacky? This guy hinted it helped him through some difficult assignment and I know myself escapism is key at times like that. Not that the service women and men in Japan face the same issues. Boredom more likely. But still. I like to think my work brightens my reader's day a bit and it seems in this case it did.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm sure it absolutely wouldn't be seen as tacky by the people it's aimed at—namely, discerning readers who are far from home and could use some intelligent diversion. They'll love it—and love you!

Craig Sorensen said...

A fine review, congratulations!

And your idea is anything but tacky. There's nothing better than to give of oneself. Jeremy's right, and the only ones who really matter in this are the recipients.

Emerald said...

Regarding the military overseas idea, it does not seem tacky whatsoever to me and on the contrary seems like, as Jeremy suggested, a generous, thoughtful idea. I'm sorry I don't know how to be of more help in pointing you in the direction of practically materializing the plan.

Congrats on the review and on an appreciative reader sending an email — how lovely!

neve black said...

What a nice surprise, Donna! Congratulations.

I concur with the crowd, DGS goes with USO! Go get em' tigress. Grrrrr.

SusanD said...

Aw, congrats on the new review, Donna!