Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sexy Side of Cinnamon

Our Spicy Sunday series continues with a stop at Gina Marie's for a taste of cinnamon. But be prepared to leave your preconceptions at the door. Actually, there is no door, just a rocky beach with waves crashing, an imminent storm gathering in the clouds, a beautiful shipwrecked sailor, the promise of transformation. And a whole new way to look at cinnamon. Cinnamon was one of the few spices my mother kept in our whitebread Catholic cupboard--but Gina Marie shows us how very sexy this spice can be if you just say "yes."

Swim on over for some arousing prose, mouth-and-eye watering indulgences, and a fascinating discussion of aphrodisiacs. If you dare!


Donna said...

I swear there's a higher intelligent power generating those spamwords.

Maybe this is a recipe for you to create--including lots of cinnamon, of course!

Danielle said...

i m always facinatet by the spamwords and always wonder if they make any sense and if it is just me who dont understand them...speak spam? comate?