Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday is for a Fezziwig Fetish!

Hey, it's a good day! Not only is Herr Doktor coming home from yet another business trip today, but I discovered a nice surprise when I popped over to Alison Tyler's blog for my Friday morning fetish fix.

I'm the fetish fix! With an excerpt from my story, "Fezziwig's Balls," which was published in Naughty or Nice: Christmas Erotica Stories, edited by Alison. This anthology also has one of my all-time favorite sexy Christmas stories, "The Queen of Christmas," by Andrea Dale, as perfect a blend of sex and humor as rum-spiked eggnog.

What an F-ing good time all around!

And yes, corsets are a very sexy addition to the play wardrobe. I might just have to get mine out this weekend to celebrate!


Erobintica said...

twas a very good snippet of story indeed!

Emerald said...

Agreed all around — Love "The Queen of Christmas," and love "Fezziwig's Balls"!

I also feel suddenly in the mood to wear a corset as well....

Donna said...

Thanks, Emerald and Robin! Thanks to Alison, I think there may be a lot of corseting happening this weekend :-).

EllaRegina said...

I so much enjoyed that.

Very glad the good Herr D DGS is coming home just in time to help you into your corsetry.

Have fun!

neve black said...

Yes, I popped over there too and read your delightful story, D.

Congratulations on the spotlight! Feel free shimmer and glimmer...this is of course after you've slinked into your corset; waiting so patiently for the Herr Doktor to walk through the door. ;-

Jeremy Edwards said...


I'll wear my corsage this weekend. : )

Donna said...

Thanks ER and Neve!

Herr Doktor is back and he was reminding me that I wrote an earlier corset story, back before I allowed myself to really embrace erotica (and corsets). It's about an older husband who gives his wife a corset as a birthday present sort of like the scene excerpted today and then he takes her to a fancy inn where a younger man she's flirted with at parties is waiting to pleasure her for the night. But there wasn't much actual sex in the story. What fun is that? The revised version is much better, although the other men aren't quite as intrusive.

Anyway, thanks for sharing in my fun Friday, all!

Craig Sorensen said...

Methinks a little corset action might be perfect for a homecoming celebration with Herr Doktor.

That was a great excerpt at Alison's!

Alison Tyler said...

I'm so glad you were pleased! I really never know where I'll land on fetish Friday. Luckily, I think there are enough fetishes out there to keep me busy for awhile. And if we run out, we'll just have to invent some more!

While I don't pay much attention to word verifcation—mine is "undersi."

I think EllaRegina could have fun with that one.


EllaRegina said...

Alison Tyler said...

While I don't pay much attention to word verifcation—mine is "undersi."

I think EllaRegina could have fun with that one.

Oh, yeah...

undersigh and undersip come to my mind. And if they are not words we must make them so.

My word: gristies