Saturday, May 02, 2009

Amazon's Anti-Sex "Glitch" and My Case of P-Envy

We're just two days into the lovely month of May, which means a fresh page on the calendar (my shunga calendar switched from a pleasure boat of partying libertines to one man cavorting with four naked courtesans) and two new columns up at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association.

This month on Cooking Up a Stor(e)y, I muse about Lessons from Amazon: Eternal Mysteries, Cool Comforts, and the Chemistry of Lust. I also share my award-winning--yes, I got an award from Sunset Magazine--mousse-style rice pudding recipe. If you like rice pudding, this will definitely float your pleasure boat.

In my Shameless Self-Promotion column, I start narrowing down the discussion to the specifics of hawking your book, so each column from now on will offer more practical, step-by-step topics. This month I talk about Publicists, Press Kits and Other P-Words. Well, one other P-word. Bet you can't guess what it is!

Now I'm off to dance around the May Pole and eat more strawberries. Enjoy!


Jeremy Edwards said...

I have already benefited from your latest SSP column! You rock.

Craig Sorensen said...

Sunset magazine, eh? That's a pretty fine accomplishment. Sunset does some great recipes!

Verification word = brivas. Sort of a classy, Latin version of bravo

Brivas, Donna, Brivas!