Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Seat Belts Optional...

Auditeurs are aroused by sounds—a definition simple and broad enough to allow for a variety of steamy situations. Thus far, we’ve enjoyed our auditory titillation through hotel, apartment or practice room walls and cracks in the bathroom door. But what if the wall, the distance between auditeur and action, is not made of plaster or wood? What if it’s the leather back of a car seat? What if the listener has a choice to turn and watch as well?

Today we’ll test the limits of the auditeur experience with an ear-tingling sample of the work of two-time Best American Erotica laureate P.S. Haven. The following excerpt is from a story called “In the Back of Raquel,” which first appeared in Violet Blue’s Taboo: Forbidden Fantasies for Couples. The 2004 anthology, which also includes my first erotica print publication "Picture Perfect," is now out of print, but you can read the entire story on Haven’s website. And believe me, you’ll want to.

Haven not only bewitches us with his wordcraft, he offers his own visual interpretations of his stories, which you can view, if you’re over 18, at his Etsy Shop. The entire print of the illustration above was a bit too racy for my blog, so I settled for suggestive over explicit. But daring visitors will certainly want to enjoy the full effect.

One more note of introduction before we take off on our journey. You might notice that although the cast of characters in this blowjob scene is double that of the more traditional duet, there is no one named “Raquel.” If you read the whole story, of course, you learn that she is the fastest girl of all--a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500—and as you’ll see (hear?) below she adds her part to the symphony of sounds.

So sit back and prepare yourself for a wild ride, Haven-style—seat belts, optional, of course.

From “In the Back of Raquel” by P.S. Haven

Miho inhaled the last of her cigarette and cracked the window, the wind rushing in cold and loud, and flicked the butt outside before sealing the window again. I watched Annie in the mirror, shifting in the seat nervously, avoiding my face now as I studied hers. I don’t mind, I heard myself say. Annie suddenly looked scared, like she did the real first time she gave a blowjob, in her mama’s kitchen, after our senior prom. Miho lit another cigarette and watched me as I watched Annie.

“Hey,” Miho said, sliding close, her hand moving onto my lap, then whispering in my ear, “This is very kinky.”

As I watched, Annie dropped from view and I could see Trey, settling into the seat, sliding down a little, draping one arm across the armrest, the other over my wife. Over the noise of the engine I could hear the faint clinking sound of Trey’s belt being unbuckled. There was a long, silent pause, and then I could hear the wet noise of Annie’s mouth, and by the look on Trey’s face I knew that she had his cock in it. I adjusted the mirror and sat up a little higher in my seat, straining to see in the darkness, taking deep breaths when I could remember to. Even over Raquel I could hear Annie moaning around Trey’s cock.

I stared at the mirror, peering into the backseat, and I could barely make out the dark shape of Annie’s body, curled up in the seat next to Trey, her head swaying in his lap. I glanced quickly down at the highway then back at the mirror. I could see Trey, breathing deeply, sinking into the seat, relaxing, both arms now slung across the back of the seat. Trey’s eyes locked with mine, and I stared helplessly at him, unable to turn away, his eyes white slits, his face half hidden in the shadows, and I suddenly had the feeling that somehow he had expected this, that he knew from the first time he saw my wife that this would be the outcome, his cock in her mouth. I wanted to hate him for his arrogance, his utter conceit. I hated myself for wanting this, but I did want it. I wanted it worse than even Annie could know._

“Suck it,” Trey said, staring directly at me, his voice just loud enough for me to hear. I tried to think of him as the arrogant prick, the spoiled rich kid he was, but all I could see was the confidence of someone who wasn’t afraid to take whatever it was he wanted, and I was jealous of that. A passing vehicle lit his face for a moment and I watched him, gazing down at Annie now, telling her in a breathless moan how good of a cocksucker she was, how beautiful she was. I could see him move his hands to the back of her head, easing her up or down, whatever felt best.

“You’re a lucky man,” Trey said for the second time tonight.

I could feel Miho staring at me, right next to me, gauging my reaction to what was happening, and I could hear Annie, moaning breathlessly as she freed her mouth momentarily, only to fill it again, licking and sucking noisily.

"Can you hear it?" Miho breathed into my ear. "Can you hear her sucking his cock?”

"Yes," I whispered, listening as Annie worked on him, an almost constant moaning coming from her as she sucked Trey’s cock, my own cock achingly erect, straining desperately against my pants. In the mirror I could see Annie, her head bobbing up and down now, and I could see her hands as she pulled Trey’s cock free for just a moment to catch her breath, then reinserts it and begins again.

I could hear Trey groaning, his voice desperate as he begged Annie to slow down. I could easily hear Annie's breathing, heavy and labored while Trey's urgings became more insistent, his moans becoming louder and in rhythm with Annie's. Suddenly Trey gasped, and then growled, and I could see in the mirror his clenched fists as he tangled them into Annie’s hair, his shoulders trembling as he clung desperately to Annie. He held her head perfectly still and I could see his body convulse, his head thrown back against the seat back. A burst of grunts escaped him and I knew he was coming in my wife’s mouth.

The noises from the back promptly settled into silence, with the exception of Trey’s ragged panting, and Miho looked at me, smiling through narrowed eyes, aware, as I was, of what just happened back there. In the mirror I could see Annie sitting up, her head bowed, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and giving me a look that indicated she was extremely pleased with herself. In the headlights of the oncoming traffic I could see her face, glistening wet with semen, and as she carefully wiped her cheeks and chin clean....


neve black said...

Wow! I loved how this made me feel jealous and turned on at the same time. It's such an unusual emotional, juxtaposition.

"...Annie suddenly looked scared, like she did the real first time she gave a blowjob, in her mama’s kitchen, after our senior prom..."

This made me think he was okay with his wife blowing his cocky (no pun) friend's dick, because he had taken her cock sucking virginity. Yeah? Or did I read to much into this?

I really liked this piece, Haven. Wow! Wow!

Donna, another great guest and show you have for our reading pleasure today. Excellent!

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for that introduction, Donna! Damn.
And thank you so much for letting me be a part of your blog. I'm honored.
And I knew you were in Taboo, but I didn't know it was your first print publication. Same here! Of course, I loaned my copy to a friend and haven't seen it since.
Thanks again, Donna!
I've got the sudden urge to go for a drive...

Marina said...

Oh. My. Goodness! What a way to wreak havoc on my concentration for the rest of the day!

I'm here at work, absolutely riveted to Haven's smut - I'm gonna get in trouble!'s kinda exciting, ya know, sneaking it in like this, with folks coming in and out of the office!

The excerpt is great, Haven, and I've already popped over to read the whole story - WOW! You do sex and cars REALLY well! And, this really suits the auditeur theme - such sensual, slurpy sounds! I love the intensity. GEEZ - I'll be squirming in my swivel chair for the rest of the work day........

Thanks, Haven! Thanks, Donna! More fun than I've had at work for a long time!!

Sommer Marsden said...

Oh, one of my favorite stories by one of my favorite men about one of my favorite subjects! lurve it.

Too bad, you couldn't use the whole pic, DGS :( they really are gorgeous, aren't they? So sexy but elegant. A hard combo in my humble opinon. So good that even thumbnailed they are captivating.

Thanks for the reading break. I needed a dirty little smut break in my day! The story really makes a girl wanna take ride in the back of Raquel, dontcha think? Oh wait, that may just be me.

Happy hump day! :)

Donna said...

Sorry, Marina, I didn't mean to distract you from your professional duties. Maybe you need to take a little car drive at lunch with some friends ;-)? And Neve, I totally agree it's the complexity of the emotions and responses that make Haven's work sizzle. We're not supposed to do these things and we're not supposed to feel this way about it if we do, but isn't it super hot anyway?

I didn't want to muck up the intro with this factoid, Haven, but in the intro, "Delirium, Danger, and Connoisseurs of Desire," Violet Blue writes:

"Old pros, such as M. Christian, Thomas S. Roche, and Alison Tyler, rub elbows with highly talented newcomers, such as Donna George Storey, P.S. Haven, Saskia Walker, and many others, to present stories of couples who make their most taboo erotic fantasies come true."

My question--do we have enough dents and scratches to be "old pros" yet, lol?

EllaRegina said...

If Detroit took P.S. on board the car industry would be in much better shape!

Thank you for revving up my engine!

Erobintica said...

Well, silly me typed up a comment, typed in the verification word, but neglected to log in and then navigated away from here and guess what!? No comment.

Now, trying to remember exactly what I said and can't. Oh well. I loved this when I read it at Haven's site - (sort of went on a bender reading most of the stories there). This is the line that hooked me and wouldn't let go - "Can you hear it?"me? an auditeur? hehehe

Unknown said...

Ah!! Thanks, y'all! So awesome.
Neve: Jealous and turned on. Two great tastes that taste great together. Possibly my favorite emotional cocktail.
Marina: Glad to hear I wreaked havoc. My work here is done.
Sommer: I’m sure we could find room in the back for those long stems of yours…
Donna: Old pros? Surely by now. In the words of Indiana Jones: It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage.
ER: Detroit’s on their own. When they went away from chrome bumpers they were dead to me. I’m glad I revved your engine!
Robin: Yeah, I love that line, too. Miho’s such a manipulative, unrepentant bitch. How can you not love her?
Thanks to everyone for reading! And thanks again for having me, Donna!

Craig Sorensen said...

Great excerpt, a great study in the power of sound, it really ramps up the tension.

Certainly classic P.S. Haven. Classic? See you are an "Old Pro."

As one who has dabbled in pointillism, I have an appreciation for the effort that goes into a really good portrait done in that style, and the quality of the part in close up only underscores the exceptional quality of Haven's work.

Well done all the way around!

PS (addressing author or Post Script, your choice,) there's nothing like the roar of a 428 Cobra Jet engine in a Shelby GT 500 doing 135 MPH on a nice, flat, long stretch of open highway.

Unknown said...

You know, now that you mention it, I've never seen Craig and me in the same place at the same time. Perhaps we're each other's alter egos? Like maybe I turn into Craig Sorensen at night to battle evil. Then he becomes mild-mannered P.S. Haven during the day?
Seriously, thanks, Craig! I always appreciate the kind words from a fellow artist and gearhead!

Donna said...

Okay, I deleted my own comment which was this, except a little shorter.

Whoah, Craig, are you and Haven "separated at birth" or something?

Have you seriously experienced this car at that speed? What was going on in the back seat, if I may ask... now, wait, were YOU in the back seat?

Donna said...

I wouldn't exactly call you "mild-mannered," Haven, but we all know Craig rules the night, so the theory works for me ;-).

Craig Sorensen said...

Sorry to be so late in my reply. I away.

(P.S. and I are a crime fighting tag team. You're on, Haven!)

I've been up above 130 twice, once in the '68 Shelby GT-500 (truly a magnificent car, the holy grail of muscle cars, IMO) and once in '66 GTO. I was not driving either of them.

Matter of fact, I was in the back seat. What happens in the muscle car stays in the muscle car...

Donna said...

Ooh la la, Craig, now my mind is racing faster than any muscle car ever could. Seriously.

I hope your experience makes it into a story, too. I was sort of wondering what it was like to be in the back seat myself ;-).