Thursday, May 14, 2009

Contemporary Self-Abuse Can Be Fun

I was bored and I googled myself (a contemporary form of self-abuse in more ways than one), but this time I found something I'd never seen before, even though it dates from October 2008. It's a review of Amorous Woman by Gwen at Pop Shot, a sexy blog with lots of great links. Gwen lived in Japan, so she brings the gaijin insider's perspective to my story--always particularly scary readers for me, cause they can tell if I got it right.

I'll tell you, this review put me over the top! Reading Gwen's responses to my book was a reminder that my writing does sometimes reach and touch people who just get it. We're connected in this intimate way without knowing each other at all. It's a pretty friggin' powerful idea. And it kind of helps with my fears about starting a new novel (more on that later).

So keep writing everyone--you never know what will flower from those seeds you sow!


SusanD said...

'grats on the truly awesome review, Donna. that IS exactly the sort of response that can keep you writing the great stuff.

EllaRegina said...

She gave you 6 stars out of 5. That's my kind of math!

GREAT review, Donna, and I agree, that when someone who's been in those shoes "get's it" all the better (and sure, scarier if they don't like it, but that was not the case here).

Excellent analysis from one smart cookie. It seems to me that she pushed all the right buttons and covered the necessary territory in her appraisal. I liked that she understood right off that the wrong cast of character was depicted on the cover.

I say send her a batch of your famous cookies!


Donna said...

Thank you, Susan and ER, for stopping by and for reading! You know, I would love to bake her a batch of my cookies, seriously. I'm doing some yin-yangs today for soccer snack, why not pop off a few in the mail? I'm not sure how to get in touch with her though (even if just to thank her). No email on the blog. Guess I could leave a comment on a recent post?

Emerald said...

Oh, my, what a beautiful review. I'm so thrilled to see it, and thrilled for you too! Two of the things that she said that particularly resonated with me were,

"the kind of writing style, in terms both of lyricism and structuring, that almost gives you chills"


"The entire novel has a deep mood about it that's almost haunting"

Indeed. That's just how I felt, on both counts (though I'm fairly sure the writing at some points did give me chills).

And I was delighted as well that she gave the novel "6 stars out of five." Congratulations, Donna!

And thank you again for Amorous Woman.

P.S. Donna, it does have the option of leaving a comment on that particular post too. I would imagine she would see/receive it.

Donna said...

Thank you, Emerald. Yeah, I should just leave a note on her blog, and hope that she moderates!

And thank YOU again for all the kind words about Amorous Woman. It gives me chills actually :-). And I have to say "haunting" is a quality I'd love to claim for my more serious writing. Haunting things inspire me to write--cause they sort of hang around and haunt my imagination for starters. Really, thank you so much!

Craig Sorensen said...

The rewards of Google-bating!

What an awesome, and well deserved, review!

Jeremy Edwards said...

That was so gratifying to read—and I'm not even the author, lol. Seriously, I was cheering in my head as I saw every element of how the reviewer recognized and articulated all the many complex factors that make AW so intellectually, emotionally, and sexually satisfying.

P.S. ER, I love "cast of character." : )

Donna said...

Thanks, Jeremy--your turn is coming.... And yeah, Craig, if only I never got these little goodies now and then I'd stop this embarrassing habit and spend the time writing, lol.