Monday, March 09, 2009

MY Dirty Monday

One of the best parts of Monday for me is popping over to Sommer Marsden’s Smut Girl blog to check out her latest review of sex toys. Sommer’s blog is not a bad place to spend the other days of the week, too—she’s guaranteed to satisfy you over and over again. And nothing gets my heart going pitter-patter faster than the sight of "Sommer Marsden" in the table of contents of the newest erotica anthology. That’s because I know her stories are always funny and always hot, hot, hot.

Just like this hot-el flash that Sommer so graciously shared to make our Monday very dirty indeed. Today’s refreshments in Suite 69? One of those high-protein energy bars that you cram into your mouth when you need physical stamina, but don’t really have time to eat a meal. Because you’ve got something important to do during your lunch hour….

The dizzying, this-isn't-quite-my-real-life-but-it’s-gorgeous-and-I-can't-get-enough photo is again courtesy of the talented Nikki Magennis.

Temporary Amnesia by Sommer Marsden

I. Will. Not. Do. This...

I count the words off in my head, measuring them against each tap of my heels on the marble. I smile at the bellhop and resume my internal chant.

I call the elevator still convinced I will turn back.

I enter with the key that was delivered to my office today. I. Will. Not. Do. This.

I can hear the shower running. I go into the bathroom and start to take my clothes off. With each item I discard, I say the words in my mind. The words suddenly mutate. I. Cannot. Do. This.

“This is the last time,” I say out loud as I step in.


“I know.”

And then he’s on his knees, running that fabulous tongue along the seam of my ass. From asshole to the small of my back. My eyes roll back, and I try to remember what I have said. This. Is. The. Last. Time.

Then his fingers are in me. Two to start—that’s how ready I am. A third joins the fray. That tongue is still there. Working its magic and it all starts to grow fuzzy around the edges.

I plant my hands on the cold marble, suck in the dense air while fingers are replaced by cock. And I see that he is just as ready for me. He is just as willing to forget. To bend time. To welcome the shift in reality.

When we move together, I ignore the glint of the diamond on my hand or the sheen of the band that matches. Forget that reality. Forget that this is the last time I will do this. And that hitch in my throat that tells me I’m about to come makes me welcome the temporary amnesia all the more.


Sommer Marsden said...

Oh, I love that photo. Nikki is quite the photographer isn't she?People who are multi-taleted make me green with envy. Good thing she is so easy to like!

Thx for having me in suite 69, DGS. Take that any way you like ;)

Donna said...

I'm sorry, don't mean to be an inconsiderate host, but can you speak a little louder? This shower's pretty loud and the man on his knees behind me is doing some very distracting things... anyway...I didn't...uh...want to thank you...for...uh...coming. You're always an inspiration to smutty storytellers!

Alison Tyler said...

Love this! But I have to say, my favorite SM piece set in a hotel is "She Looked Good In Ribbons." And not just because it was the first SM piece I read. But because, damn, girl, that is one fucking hot story!


Donna said...

Yes, Alison! "Ribbons" is one hot, lovely gift of a hotel story complete with erotic artists being very naughty. Love at First Sting is a fabulous collection all around :-).

Neve Black said...

Damn. Sommer did it again. How does she do that? Once again, I'm walking right along side her character as she struggles with her thoughts - I'm in the hotel; the elevator; the room; the shower.

Loved this, S.

Thank you, Donna. Thank you, Nikki.

Erobintica said...

love this! starts to grow fuzzy around the edges

umm, that never happens to me ;-)

Sommer Marsden said...

Aw, thanks guys. You are v. sweet. :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm going to be thinking of "seams" the rest of the day.

And that's not a complaint. ; )

EllaRegina said...

Lovely story, Sommer! You got the details just right. :-)

Emerald said...

A lovely shower scene — thanks Sommer!

Lol @ Donna's comment! ;)

Unknown said...

This was lovely and very real. I could easily sympathize with this woman. I love the way you write Sommer. Your writing makes me green with envy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some really good storytelling in a really short space. And I love the title.

Sommer Marsden said...

you guys are good for the day when your ego is slightly mangled and you're not quite so very confident as you thought you were for a submission and then...
here you are being all nice to me!

thx :)


Craig Sorensen said...

"Seams" to me you've driven me to distraction yet again, Sommer.

White hot flasher, and an excellent photo from Nikki too!