Sunday, March 01, 2009

An Intriguing Elevator Encounter

Today's storyteller in Suite 69 is the lovely Emerald and get ready for some glittery, tantalizing fun. First she'll tease you with a scene in a hotel elevator that will have you breathless to find out what happens next. Then you'll realize total satisfaction is not quite within reach because this excerpt from "What We Do" is on the verge of release in Swing!: Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers. Not that there's anything wrong with teetering on the edge, when the wait itself is so pleasurable!

In keeping with our hotel conference theme, I invite you to the breakfast buffet that room service has just delivered. We have our classic conference menu (according the Herr Doktor, who is very familiar with these things): a fruit tray with melon, pineapple, strawberries and grapes; muffins and bagels with individual tubs of cream cheese, a pitcher of orange juice covered in Saran Wrap (which we might put to good use later); and urns of coffee, decaf and hot water for tea. While you're nibbling your muffin, and admiring the entrancing photograph by Nikki Magennis take a nibble of this titillating tale:

"What We Do" by Emerald

“Hold the elevator please,” Jackson called as we hurried to the open door.

Immediately I saw my cute young professional inside. I squeezed Jackson's hand and met his eyes. Jackson followed my glance as I sent a sidelong glance to the young man on my other side and then grinned at me.

“Here for the conference?” Jackson asked the object of my attraction, sidling over beside him without moving me any further away. “I'm Jackson Blake,” he said, offering his hand and explaining his position with the company sponsoring the conference.

“Seth Harris,” Cute Young Professional said somewhat uncertainly, glancing at me quickly before turning back to Jackson. “Yes, I'm actually just an intern, but my company wanted me to come for the experience.”

They talked about their respective workplaces as the elevator door opened at the lobby floor. The other occupants exited. The three of us followed suit and paused in the elevator corridor.

“This is my wife Victoria, by the way,” Jackson said heartily.

I stepped forward and shook Seth's warm hand. “Pleasure to meet you.”

Seth seemed slightly uncomfortable as he smiled back and then looked back and forth between Jackson and me.

“Yes, she decided to accompany me even though I told her how busy I was going to be,” Jackson continued with a smile. “They've got me working 10-hour days here. I imagine it's not nearly so busy for you though, Seth? Maybe the two of you could get together some day while I'm off working.”

I barely smothered a laugh of surprise. Seth looked nervous, which I found understandable, and said, “Uh, well -”

“I know Victoria gets pretty hot and horny all day up in our room all by herself. She loves fucking in hotels. Maybe you could stop by sometime when you're free during the day and take care of her.”

Poor Seth looked like he was about to swallow his tongue.

Jackson smiled at him. “Our room is 719. Just call up during the day if you're interested.” He offered his hand again, which Seth shook mechanically. “Nice to meet you.”

I offered my hand too and gave Seth's a squeeze, trying a warm smile to snap him out of his shock. Then I turned and followed Jackson, leaving my cute young professional standing dazed behind us.

Well, I'm hoping young Seth has a few surprises of his own in store...more, more, more!


Neve Black said...

Oooh, Emerald, that was awesome!

Heavy sigh. Wouldn't that type of arrangement give new meaning to the word, room service?

Jeremy Edwards said...

[Quick comment from an away-from-home Internet connection]

Going ... up! ; )

Heidi Champa said...

Lovely, lovely. Can't wait for the rest!!!

Craig Sorensen said...

I thought they had rules against smoking in elevators.

Naughty girl!


Anonymous said...

Thanks you guys!! I so appreciate your stopping by for my elevator adventures!

Excellent point, Neve. ;)

"Smoking in elevators" -- oh, Craig, I'm blushing. Thank you!

Thank you again for hosting my elevator encounter, Donna! Here's to suite 69. ;)

Erobintica said...

Hope we don't have to hold the elevator too long waiting to read the rest of this - Emerald - you tease!

I think I need a strawberry - wanders over to the fruit tray.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Swing! has a number of hotel stories. Emerald's is indeed one of the hottest. I also love the fact the the main character is a woman who knows what she wants. I consider that a strong woman.

Donna said...

Hotel elevators will never be the same for me, Emerald! Thank you for sharing ;-).

Anonymous said...

Thank you again everyone! It's been my pleasure to be your elevator operator today (yesterday) here at Sex, Food, and Writing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say, also thanks to Nikki for the beautiful photograph!

EllaRegina said...

(Donna, I would surely nibble my muffin if I could reach it; I'm just not that flexible, yoga notwithstanding!)

Lovely elevator ride, Emerald City.