Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hot Shower at the Kabuki Hotel

Saturdays are meant to be lazy. You sleep in nice and late, then take a long, hot shower. Even here in Suite 69, after yesterday’s electrifying story, we all needed a morning in bed to gather our creative energy.

And now it’s time to get wet.

Today’s feature is a steamy little hot-el vignette from Erobintica, another talented newcomer who makes the erotica world such a fun place to be. This piece was originally written from a prompt over at Alison Tyler's blog--the hotbed of many excellent quickies. Robin also took inspiration came from a Japanese-themed hotel, the Kabuki in San Francisco. I love her photo of the shoji windows—there’s nothing softer and sexier than light filtered through fine Japanese rice paper. The story, too, has a definite Japanese flavor, the silences as eloquent as the words.

Our refreshment is, appropriately, the dainty snack that always greets you when you check into a hotel in Japan. This includes a pot of fresh, hot tea and a sample of the local sweet, often something similar to a high-class fig Newton with a baked covering and a filling of sweet bean jam, although interesting variations are common. So snuggle into that hotel robe, sip your tea and get wet with Erobintica.
I tend to take pictures of hotel rooms where I've stayed (well, the nice ones), and I have several shots from our stay at the Kabuki in San Francisco last summer. But I've only once before taken a picture of the shower and that was ... a long time ago. The shower at the Kabuki was large enough to host a decent size party - it was probably 5 X 10 feet or so - the controls were at one end and the nozzles at the other. My husband and kids thought I was silly getting so excited about it (if you saw my shower at home you'd understand). I actually took several shots - but this is the best. Only problem was ... my right arm was in a cast and having a garbage bag over one arm is decidedly unsexy. But I'd bought this giant waterproof mitten thing (in a stunning blue color) for swimming and though not much more attractive, it did require the assistance of my husband. We had some fun, but it would have been easier without the cast. I didn't want to break the other wrist!

Pulsating Jets by Robin Elizabeth

As the sun crept around the heavy hotel drapes, we snuggled. Sleeping clothed is unusual for us. Though sometimes we wear something to bed just to have something to take off. But thanks to a screw up in reservations we had to share a room with your business partner and his wife. They weren’t happy about it. Neither were we.

While our roommates snore, you caress my arm, slide over my tummy, brush my upper thigh. I can feel your arousal nestled against my butt. We rub feet together, wordlessly communicating the longing we both feel. What I wouldn’t give for a wall and a door right now. But you break away and get up to shower. I don’t dare join you.

I lay touching myself as I listen to you turn on the water and adjust the spray. The sounds emanating from the shower are subtle at first. Could easily be mistaken for washing hair or soaping arms. But soon they become more regular, last longer than it should take to wash any single body part.

Listening, I see you in my mind’s eye, water coursing over your body, your hand moving faster and faster. I wonder what images are jumping your synapses. I hardly breathe, straining to hear. Part of me is sad, wanting to be your fist, be the water. The sound is insistent now.

Then, just the steady sound of the shower, the gurgle of the drain.


Isabel Kerr said...

Lovely, lovely, Robin.

So subtle and evocative, expressing want so well.

Very nicely done.

Neve Black said...

Oooh, I think auditory voyeurism is soooo hot, Robin.


Emerald said...

How lovely! This struck me as poignant somehow, that she didn't get to be with him in the shower and that the situation constrained them so. I really liked it! Beautiful photo at the top, too.

Thanks again to both of you for sharing!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Excellent piece, Robin! I've been in that bed. Well, not your bed (you probably would have noticed, when I began snoring) ... but the hotel-room bed in which Helia and I were spooned together, daring not to do more because we were not the only ones there.

Donna said...

I've been there, too. This little scene is really hitting home with the Suite 69 partiers. And auditory voyeurism--my favorite kind really. So much more...suggestive :-).

Craig Sorensen said...

It's that perfect blend of prose and poetry that just begs to be in a flasher.

Very well done, Robin!

Anonymous said...

Showers and sex go together like bacon and eggs, and your story shows why.

Erobintica said...

Gee, thanks everyone!

It's funny, today I had some real "doubt" moments - tends to happen whenever I step out of my comfort zone - which I've been doing more and more lately.

Thanks Donna for giving me this opportunity to step out of my CZ again!


EllaRegina said...

That's really so lovely. The longing, the water, the sound. Neve is right: auditory voyeurism (auyeurism?).

And the photograph.

And the backstory.

Thank you.

(My word: pyromews; that means you're hot hot hot, among other things...)

Anonymous said...

I really liked quietly sensual, poignant, as another reader remarked.

I hopped over here from Alison's blog, by the way--so glad I did!


Erobintica said...

Thanks again everyone. :-)

And thanks Donna for inviting me to join the fun in Suite 69!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Kirsten, were you delayed because you were trying on your new slittleg spamskirt?