Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did I Ever Show You....?

...my dinosaur night shirt? I bought this at a department store in Nuremberg, Germany, about sixteen years ago. It was on sale, and I couldn't resist. It just seemed so perverse. All these years later, it's more "me" than ever! Gotta trust those instincts.

More photos to come--I'm doing my year-end cleaning!


Erobintica said...

I love it!

Danielle said...

oh nooo..how cool..i can remeber that time when they were so in fashion and all over germany!!!

even in nürnberg? incredible..:-)

Donna said...

It's pretty cool, isn't it, Robin? As a mom, the cute dinosaurs combined with the adult activities is just too perfect.

Were these things really fashionable when you were...like ten, Danielle? I guess I got mine when it was going out of fashion, lol.

Danielle said...

@ donna

yes they were..and you could get thim with all kinds of comic charakters..dinos..scelletons..ghosts..all kinds of animals..i wanted one with gummi bears but my grandmother totally refused to buy it..:-)

still so cool..i mean 69 is never out of fashion..is it?..:-)

Craig Sorensen said...

That's freaking awesome! I must have missed that fashion when I was there.


Donna said...

Yeah, gummi bears are so popular in Germany, I can see that would be a hit. Sorry I didn't get a chance to get one of those for my collection (of one, but treasured nonetheless).