Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Proud Momma

My oldest graduates tomorrow. It's a surprisingly physical experience. I'm bursting with pride. And I want to cry, too. I wish I could share more about my first baby with you, but that's not what this blog is about. But since it is about art in my life, I'll pass on some of his work this year. Suffice to say, I'm one proud momma!


Herr Dr DGS said...

Would it be too self-serving to say that you are quite justified in being proud? Probably.

I'm glad your mom creativity and writing creativity managed to nourish each other over the years, and even more glad the kids seem to have picked up your artistic talents and my computer skills.

Emerald said...

How beautiful!

I appreciated reading your post — I actually found myself immediately wanting to know more. :) I understand your not wanting to post as such, but even that short, simple piece of writing from you had me compelled.

Congratulations to the lovely young Storey! :)

Craig Sorensen said...


What a talented young man. No surprise there, though.

And isn't it amazing to we see the diverse talents in our kids emerge as they grow? Some of dad, some of mom.

Congrats, DGS and Herr Doktor!

Marina said...

Congratulations! One of mine graduates today as well. It's a beautiful thing!

Gina Marie said...

Donna, that's so wonderful and thanks for sharing!!!

Like Emerald, I was left wanting to know more too.

Congrats to all of you! Celebrate!

Donna said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, everyone. Truly! It's so great to share this with you and well, I just might put together a little more info to pass on privately to you Emerald and Gina Marie since you so kindly expressed interest--maybe a graduation day photo?

And Marina, I know you must be so proud of your daughter with her bright future in the arts, too! Something Craig knows all about :-).

neve black said...

Awwww... I'm proud of you and for you, Donna. This is wonderful!

There's a time and a place to be proud. I think this is the moment.


Erobintica said...

Yup, understand perfectly the bursting/cryng proud momma thing. And it makes up for all those other moments that are inevitable. ;-)

And I always love to see artistic talent in kids being praised! Wonderful job.

Erobintica said...

crying ... for crying out loud!

more coffee!

Donna said...

Thank you, Neve! And yes, Robin, there are other crying moments, too. Or rather shouting moments. I never knew how much...passion...I had lurking inside until kids, lol.

EllaRegina said...

He's cute! I bet you're proud! Congratulations to you and the other proud parents here!!

(Who drew the nice pictures?)

Donna said...

Hey ER, well, this was the eighth grade art project, you draw a self-portrait then do variations on it. He has about five or six different versions with the same inked face. I picked my two favorites. It's not a bad likeness actually!

Craig Sorensen said...

Donna said,

And Marina, I know you must be so proud of your daughter with her bright future in the arts, too! Something Craig knows all about :-).

Yeah, I got a pretty good idea about that proud feeling. There's nothing like being a part of your kids' creative process, when they have that realization that they must make art.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Kudos, DGS clan! And color me very, very impressed by the artwork!

SusanD said...

WOW! What great pieces. You should be proud, definitely. Congrats to you and him!

Maryanne Stahl said...

Congrats, young future Dr. Storey! very nice work! and Mom, just go ahead and cry--it can't be helped!

oh and--namaste, Herr Dr!

Donna said...

MAS, Susan and Jeremy--thanks so much! My son's really stoked so many people are enjoying his work. The graduation ceremony was really nice and then my son told us to go on home, he wanted to party with his friends. Ah, the teenage years!