Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Publicist Who Does the Job Right?

As part of my column on book promotion for first-time authors on the ERWA Authors Resources page, “Shameless Self Promotion,” I’ll be posting some interviews with writers who’ve graciously agreed to share their experience over coffee and cookies. So pull up a chair at the ERWA blog kitchen table and come chat with debut novelist Kirsten Menger-Anderson. Kirsten recently published an amazingly thought-provoking and elegant novel-in-stories entitled Doctor Olaf van Schuler’s Brain (Algonquin of Chapel Hill), which follows the lives of twelve generations of New York City physicians who are trying to better the human condition, each in his or her own misguided way. Of particular interest to shameless self-promoters is the fact that Kirsten’s publisher treated her with respect and made a significant effort to publicize the book. Don't believe me? Check out her interview!

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Jeremy Edwards said...

Awesome! Another piece that I'll be referring back to in the months to come!