Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've Been Tea Bagged!

I just got a Google Alert for a mention at the right-wing blog "Side-Lines" in "Yet Another Liberal Who Loses It by Just Thinking About Sarah Palin." They also post the first paragraph of my Clean Sheets story "Chasing Sarah Palin" followed by some ill-aimed slams of yours truly.

One says: Porn is a writer's way of saying, "I'm out of imagination."

We all know better and if you read the story you see it is very imaginative. (Perhaps it's folks who watch Fox News who are out of imagination?)

But anyway, tea baggers, thanks for reading and bringing my story back into the public eye!


Craig Sorensen said...

That's freaking awesome, ambiguously named lady!

I know for a fact tea-baggers and fox-newsers are an imaginative bunch...

Just look at some of the shit that they make up!

Erobintica said...

You must be so proud! (I know we're proud of you). I remember reading that story and thought it one of the better S.P. pieces at the time.

And just think, now they've discovered Clean Sheets. Though I feel a bit sorry for them if they're just finding it now.... LOLOLOL.

Makes you wonder...

Jeremy Edwards said...

I wonder who the tea-baggers got to read the CS piece to them.

Erobintica said...

Jeremy! I almost spit out my coffee when I read your comment! Hahahaha.

Donna said...

Lol, Craig, you make an excellent point. I have to admit our imaginations pale in comparison to that fantasy world!

I am proud, Robin, and thanks for the kind words. I'm sure the readership at CS will soar, as will the demand for reading buddies at your local literacy foundation. Loved your comment, Jeremy, but I was drinking tea myself :-).

I also got a kick out of how they made no mention of the content of the story, just immediately attacked my name and my morals. I never realized I was "ambiguously" named, but given that "Chasing Sarah" is about a woman with a penis, I guess it would perplex them. Oh, and my family is proud of my achievement!

Emerald said...

Wow...I felt, um, rather amazed by this comment:

"What normal mommy would have thought it necessary to add that qualifier?"


Congratulations indeed on the publicity, and perhaps the judgementalness that seemed expressed by some of the comments will at some point be seen by the respective commenters and recognized as an opportunity. In the meantime, I'm sorry unnecessary ignorance was directed toward the story you wrote. :(

One of my friends posted on facebook recently the following status update:

"It's my hope that one day, a Fox News anchor busts out laughing in the middle of a report and is like 'Oh man! We had you all going! You totally thought we were serious that this is a news organization! You should have seen the look on all your faces!'"

Anonymous said...

My dear ambiguously named lady, somehow you managed to make getting fucked by a Republican ... albeit via dream sequence ... steamy and most enjoyable. Notice the tea-baggers conveniently overlooked the very real economic issues in the story because they were so busy grappling with whether or not it was "okay" for them to be aroused by the sexual content. What a surprise, eh.

Donna said...

Oh Emerald, I love that quote from your friend. If it did happen, everything would suddenly make much more sense! Clearly I am no "normal" mommy, but my kids seem to be doing very well indeed, lol.

And thank you, DeDe, I'm glad you enjoyed the dream version of what we've suffered for so long (and seem to continue to suffer)! Yep, the meaningless externals are naturally more important than what's really going on. Saying the pledge of allegiance, but screwing with the Constitution, things like that ;-).

SusanD said...

This is freaking awesome, Donna! Congrats!

Herr Dr DGS said...

"I'm sure the hubby, and three kids would find the wet orgasmic allusion just all kinds of clever, and way too cool."

Too cool? no, in fact I find my wife's creative stories to be beyond cool, without the need for even a label like cool or uncool.

Which, I find to be very cool indeed!

But wait, there's more. Yes, they are still posting. Wonder how long this will go on.

Donna said...

Thanks, Susan. It does feel like a badge of honor somehow :-).

And thank YOU, Herr Doktor for making it all possible in more ways than I can name. In fact, there is more commenting going on including this heartening and insightful post, which blows everyone else out of the word in terms of eloquence, elegance and intelligence:

"Porn is a writer's way of saying, 'I'm out of imagination.'

What exactly does this mean? That sex as a subject is not interesting? That there could not be imagination involved in considering or writing about it? That sexual arousal must be disconnected from other aspects of our experience such as intellectual or artistic stimulation? Or is it an automatic assumption perhaps stemming from a discomfort with (for whatever reason) openly examining and appreciating sexuality?

If you do find yourself interested in examining the quoted assumption, I recommend reading more of Ms. Storey's work. You may find it effective in challenging it.