Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beauty in the Eye

Well, this week it's my turn over at F-Stop to reveal my "naked I," or at least a few choice body parts. I'd say my first entry falls on the shy, virginal end of the spectrum, but then again I am describing my first experience in public erotic self-expression. We're open to all forms of self-exposure at F-Stop.

Let me know what you think, and get working on your own post for us--pretty please!


Craig Sorensen said...

I adored your post, and found it so authentic and brave.

I'll probably re-read it a couple of times today.

I plan to do some writing today, and I want you to know that your essay will stand as an inspiration.

I'm so glad that I submitted to this project and am honored that I will be a part of it!

Donna said...

Wow, Craig, thank you so much. I don't really have the proper words to thank you, actually, but I will say that the biggest, hugest compliment possible is when I can inspire someone else to keep on going! And your post over at F-Stop brought tears to my eyes. In spite of my rather safe approach, this is clearly sensitive material for me!

Emerald said...

I have read it twice now. I almost didn't know what to say. I knew/felt to some degree how it affected me, or that it did affect me, but it seemed almost beyond words.

Stunning. Thank you Donna.

neve black said...

Delightful, de-lovely, dee-licious, Donna. :-)