Saturday, February 06, 2010

I Love Sex With Strangers

Well, not exactly, but "Sex with Strangers" is title of my guest blog over at the wonderful "Oh Get a Grip!" today. I weigh in on the relative merits of sex versus love in erotica and life, and of course, given my focus on writing new stuff, I tie it all into the theme of "keep writing." I guess I'm just an obsessed would-be second novelist! And special thanks to Ashley Lister for inviting me to be part of the blog, and helping me to decide where I come down on the choice of sex or love. My answer surprised me!

So, I actually made some good progress on my outline this week, thanks to green tea. Honestly, I bought some new premium green tea at my local Japanese grocery store (you all have one of those, too, right?) and the first morning, I was so clear-headed I just sat down and typed out a skeleton outline. I can see why the medieval Japanese monks loved this stuff for meditation! Coffee just makes me jittery. Snapple makes me feel like an aspartame addict. But green tea--the best. And this time my novel isn't even about Japan. In the process, I got a much clearer sense of one of the lovers, almost as if he was sparked to life in my head and started talking to me.

Hmm, I know this makes a writer seem a bit crazy, and maybe we are, but it's a good crazy, ya know?

I hope you all had a good writing week. If you're so moved, head over to "Oh Get A Grip," leave a comment and check out the other wonderful posts on this very pertinent topic.


Emerald said...

Hey, congrats! I've heard that green tea is also supportive of the immune system. Your endorsement as far as how you felt makes me want to look into it, too. :)

I've been snowed in since last night, which theoretically means lots of writing time and productivity...I have no excuse as to why that has not seemed to materialize. All right, I am going to go offline for a while (excuse might be right there) now and write, write, write. No, really...

And thanks for the fabulous post at OGAG!

Donna said...

Thank you for reading and commenting, Emerald! I actually tried green tea because my health magazines keep going on and on about the benefits of it. They didn't mention the writing aspect, though, so I thought I'd share. I will say that I think it's worth it to buy the premium stuff, either a premium tea bag or loose leaf. Some of the more processes stuff really loses the magic.

I hope you've been enjoying your snow holiday. But do remember that writers are ALWAYS writing, when we sleep, when we daydream, when we shower or do the dishes. It's always happenin'.