Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amorous Woman at Fleshbot!

Well, just when you thought Lydia had truly taken her vows, she's back to her old tricks at the super-sexy site Fleshbot, with an excerpt from the ever-popular threesome scene with Kimura and Naomi from my novel, Amorous Woman. If you'd like a little nibble of some Japanese delicacies, stop on over and enjoy!


Emerald said...

AWESOME! Congratulations!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

That is indeed a marvelous scene, indicative of the complexity and layered beauty of AW. Hooray for Fleshbot, and hooray for YOU!

Spamword: press

I guess I should stick that in my fedora, to get into all the best places. ; )

Craig Sorensen said...


Donna said...

Thanks, everyone! And definitely a spam word that will take you places, Jeremy :-).