Thursday, October 01, 2009

Do You Want "More"?

I wanted to wait until October to announce the publication of a very decadent anthology for a very good cause, Ultimate Decadence, an anthology of elegant erotic tales by renowned authors on both sides of the pond such as Rachel Kramer Bussel, Elizabeth Coldwell, Jeremy Edwards and Maxim Jakubowski. The book is edited by the very cool and very sexy Emily Dubberly (I love that name, Anglophile that I am) and proceeds benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.

And hey, I'm in it, too, with a story that I wrote with the idea of northern California decadence in mind called "More." I may not look like it, and I certainly don't dress like it, but I number among my casual friends quite a number of Silicon Valley multi-millionaires. This is a world I know from a safe distance, just as Lady Murasaki observed the politics of the Heian Court from afar to write The Tale of Genji in tenth century Japan. Well, I'm no Lady Murasaki, but I had great fun cooking up this story about an ambitious (adulterous) couple who are always pushing their limits. The setting is the lovely and pricey Auberge du Soleil, a favorite retreat of my rich friends. The characters are Kendra, the up and coming CFO of a start-up, and Jason, an angel investor with a devilish streak. So, come with me and let's take a peek into their hotel room to see just how they manage to get everything they want...and more!

And now an excerpt from "More":

“How was your massage?” Jason said, as she settled onto his lap.

“Great. It got all the stiffness out.”

“I’m a bit stiff myself.”

Kendra laughed and petted his hard-on through the robe.

“That’s nice, but right now I’m more interested in sampling your ‘internal’ technique. Be a good girl and get us a condom. They’re in the outside pocket of my overnight bag.”

Jason always started off their trysts by ordering her around, as if it took him a few minutes to peel off his “captain of industry” persona like a suit and tie. But Kendra knew that before long, she’d have him naked and on his knees, in more ways than one.

When she returned with the condom, he was ready for her, his robe open to reveal his muscular chest and thick cock, which poked up imperiously from the dark curls of his pubic hair.

“Put it on me.” He was smiling, but his eyes had a steely glint.

She tore open the package and rolled the sheath over him.

“Now take off your robe and climb on.”

Not a moment of foreplay? It was a good thing that hippie masseur had juiced her up well with his magic hands. As Kendra stripped, she couldn’t resist throwing Jason a mutinous look.
He grinned. He liked it when she showed her spirit.

Squaring her shoulders, she straddled him on the chair and took him inside, one inch at a time.
His head lolled back against the chair and he groaned, a rich, sweet sound.

“God, you have the perfect cunt.”

She couldn’t help smiling. Sometimes her promotion from eager apprentice to boss was all too easy, as easy as sitting on his cock. Within seconds, he’d be babbling about how gorgeous she was, how brilliant and ambitious, how she’d leave him in the dust someday when she’d sucked him dry of his meager offerings to a goddess like her.

She liked those words, but she needed more. So she’d pull off and taunt him. You’re lying, Jason. You’re lying to me again. No more pussy until you tell me truth. And he’d swear he meant every word and beg her, near tears, to let him back into paradise. There were even times, after she finally let him come inside her, that he would actually weep and declare his love. She’d say she loved him, too, although what she really loved was the way he made her feel in bed: proud, powerful, perfect. Feelings that almost made up for the vague humiliation of creeping off to meet him in hotels, or sneaking quickies in the empty office by the storage room, or keeping as quiet as a phantom when his wife called.

But other days he made her work for it, relinquishing his power only when she’d proven herself worthy. Like today when he held her hips fast so she couldn’t move and said, his voice soft but stern, “Squeeze me, baby. Give me a massage with your hot, wet walls.”

Kendra moaned assent and tightened her secret muscles, milking him, as if her cunt really were a warm, fleshy mitten, smoothing away the stiffness from an aching limb. She remembered the melting pleasure of Narayana’s hands. He was serving her, yes, but had her in his power, too.

That’s what she’d do to Jason.

“How do you like your massage?” she drawled, giving him an extra squeeze.

This was his cue to start spurting the praise, but to her surprise, Jason only frowned. “Can you work it harder? Too be honest, I don’t feel much.”

Kendra felt her cheeks flush. He didn’t even feel it? She clenched her cunt muscles again as hard as she could, gritting her teeth with the effort.

“Nope, just the barest flutter. I know you’re trying, but it’s not enough. Have you been exercising like I told you?”

Her jaw dropped. What could she say? Of course she remembered the “gift” he’d given her the evening they fucked in a suite at the Mandarin Oriental, a weighted, penis-shaped device that was supposed to make pelvic exercises more effective. But he’d only said, slyly, that it was a way to keep her happy when he wasn’t around to do the job. At the time she thought it was a racy gag gift, nothing more.

Finally, she gathered up enough “spirit” to reply. “Come on, Jason, with keeping up with my job and this insatiable older man I’m fucking, it’s difficult enough to fit in Pilates. How do you expect me to find time to work out with a dildo?”

“I think you should make time,” he shot back, his expression strangely serious, as if he were admonishing an employee. “There’s room for improvement in your performance.”

“But you said I had a perfect cunt.” This words slipped out, her voice quivering, her eyes filling with tears. Apparently he had been lying to her all along.

His eyes softened. “No, now don’t be sad. Your pussy’s beautiful, baby, like you, but we all have to strive for more. In business and pleasure.”

“Does it really make a difference?” Curiosity trumped the sting of his insult.

“You bet. I’ve known women who have pussies like vacuum cleaners. It’s incredible. And they say it feels better for the woman, too. I know you’re a busy lady, but you want to be strong, inside and out, don’t you Kendra?”

“Yes,” she admitted meekly, unable to look him in the eye.

“Then promise me you’ll practice with your little friend every day and when we get together I’ll test you to see how much progress you’ve made. I think we have a win-win situation here. That’s what you always aim for in any deal, right?”

She nodded, unable to speak. It was humiliating to be found so lacking. Yet, down below, her secret muscles tingled as if they wanted to be worked over, tested, proven worthy.

“The female body is capable of so much more than a man’s,” he continued, his hands gliding from her hair to her shoulders then on to her breasts. “If you always reach for more, Kendra, a smart, sexy woman like you will have the world at her feet.”

She nodded again, the perfect student. She did want the world at her feet, but when she pictured “the world,” what she really saw was Jason, so wealthy, so powerful, a king in his little corner of the universe, crouched before her.

Jason hooked his finger under her chin and tilted her head up to meet his gaze. “I know what you want. You’re like me, you always need a challenge, and I have another one for you tonight. Remember that bed-and-breakfast where they let us take a room for a few hours?”

She did remember, hazily. Yet another rented room with a wide, fancy bed. The grand view of the bay sparkling before her eyes as Jason lashed her clit with his tongue, swearing he was so thirsty for her, he’d suck down the nectar of a dozen sweet climaxes.

“How many times did I make you come?”

Her blush deepened. “Four.”

“Four times in an hour and a half. I was proud of you, babe. Is that the most you’ve ever come with a man?”

“Yes,” she admitted, suddenly wishing it were a lie.

“Let’s try to top that tonight. Let’s try for a new personal best.”

“How about you? You’re forty-five, how do you expect to keep up with me?”

“Don’t worry about me. My goal is to hold off as long as I can. This is about your pleasure. You’re in charge all the way. You tell me what you need and I’ll do it.”

Kendra had to smile. This was more like what she’d been expecting from a whole weekend alone with Jason.

“All right, I’m game. Double digits or die.”

“That’s my girl. Let’s start right now."

To be continued....

Okay, admit it, you want to know how many times Kendra comes. You want to know what Jason does to make that happen. And you want to know why, after having more orgasms than most women would think possible in one evening, Kendra still wants more.

So come on, be decadent and treat yourself. Don't you think you deserve "More," too?


Danielle said...

more?..more!...cant wait to read the rest...:-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Donna, you always leave us wanting more!

At the same time, it's awe-inspiring how you layer a world full of ideas, emotions, and interpersonal nuances into a relatively short excerpt.

Craig Sorensen said...

What an awesome excerpt from what is sure to be an excellent collection.


Sekrit Shoppa said...

Soooo good! 'Double digits or die' - I love that! And I know what happens next...

SusanD said...

Great excerpt, Donna, you tease! CONGRATS on yet another wonderful anthology!

Donna said...

Thank you so much, everyone. I just got my contributor's copy and can't wait to dig in to the decadence!

Emerald said...

Congratulations Donna!! (What a lovely decadent cover. :) )