Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Spanked at Good Vibrations

Autumn has definitely come to the Bay Area. The gray skies of morning linger on into the afternoon, hinting at much-needed rain. Pumpkins appear on porches, the rich orange hues invoking the plenty of the harvest. The very air seems thicker, as if the year were a soup slowly simmering down to its essence.

Autumn is the time for nostalgia and in fact October brings the one-year anniversary of my New York book tour, the highlight of which was my reading at "In the Flesh" with so many very cool and fun erotica writers (read all about it here). I'll admit I'm relieved I can just take it easy this fall, but I do think back fondly on the experience of standing before a mildly inebriated audience and talking dirty into a microphone surrounded by friends and colleagues. Hey, try it yourself, it's fun!

Fortunately, this coming Sunday, October 18 at 5:30 pm, I'll have a chance for a mini re-creation of "In the Flesh" at a West Coast Rachel Kramer Bussel erotica soiree to celebrate the release of Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories (read an excerpt) and Peep Show: Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists at Berkeley's own Good Vibrations.

I'll be reading from my story "A Thousand Words" along with equally scintillating spanking tales by Rachel and Zille Defeu--whose eye-popping website makes me wonder if I should actually wear my naughty schoolgirl costume to fit in? Come on, dare me!

Yeah, I know, most of you can't be there in the flesh, but if you happen to be in Berkeley on Sunday, do stop by. I guarantee it will get your bottom warm and your blood racing.


Emerald said...

Have a fabulous reading, Donna, and I would love to be there. I so enjoyed hearing you read in person last year. What a delight the audience is in for! :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yes, have a blast! I know the audience will. I have such fond memories of attending those 10/08 NYC readings.

And I love, love, love this:

The very air seems thicker, as if the year were a soup slowly simmering down to its essence.

I'm also intrigued by autumn as the season of nostalgia. That feels right to me, too, but I can't put my finger on why. Care to elaborate, Sensei?

Spamword: stalanon

Hey, sometimes a horse wants to conceal his identity.

Craig Sorensen said...

Go for it. Wear that naughty girl school uniform. You won't fit in, you'll stand out!

Have a great reading. I'll be there in spirit.

neve black said...

How wonderful! You will indeed be splendid and have a ball.

Of course I'm there in spirit with everyone - our entire gang-bang, so-to-speak. Did I just write that? :-)

Have fun. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday.

Donna said...

Thank you, Emerald! That is, if there is an audience, lol. Sunday nights and spankings, seems like they wouldn't go together, but then again maybe they do!

Soup is on my mind these days, Jeremy, glad that line worked :-). In Japan anyway, the falling leaves represent the intranscience of things, but then so do cherry blossoms. I think I'll have to ponder this more. So desu ne....

"Gang bang" indeed, Neve. I love it ;-). And well, not sure I can really follow through on the costume, Craig. It's pretty flimsy, meant more for taking off than putting on. I always wondered if those "costumes" for women aren't just a way to get the product in the hands of folks who don't patronize adult stores, lol.

Danielle said...

awww...i wish i could be there!! would love to hera you raed..and would love to visit good vibrations..i heared so much good stuff about these stores

Donna said...

Mmm, would love to have a bowl of that soup, Gina Marie!

I'd love for you to be there, too, Danielle. I'm sure we could use some more folks in the audience. I've never done a reading at my local GV, so it's a first.

Anonymous said...

I just rcvd two of your books in the mail today and am THRILLED beyond belief. Have been teasing my man all week about spankings and next thing you know a whole book about spanking shows up in my mail box. How fun is that?
I am trying really hard not to get down about autumn because in my mind it leads to the dreaded W season. Living in the moment for me is difficult when it's 40 degrees and raining!
I am sending a whole load of positive vibes for you to Knock em socks off at your reading on Sunday!

Donna said...

Hey Dawn,

I hope you enjoy the books! Funny how the universe seems to answer our desires in unexpected ways. Believe me Bottoms Up will give you plenty of ideas :-). And thanks for the good wishes all!