Thursday, October 08, 2009

Beautiful Empty Spaces

Just wanted to pop in with a report on what's going on with me. I've been entertaining visitors all week, before which I was cleaning madly, deeply, and with great passion (which is the way we should all write, too, no?) I mean this is serious cleaning not just of my house, but also of my spirit. I'm trying to get my priorities straight before I head off into the wilderness of a new novel. Or maybe it's just that gazing at the new empty spaces in my life is opening up new insights into my cluttered and confused brain?

Anyway, it feels good and necessary, but it takes time. So I haven't been writing much: no stories, fewer emails, less blog posts.

But I do plan to continue my summer vacation report to its conclusion soon. I've got one more Amish country day, two Washington DC and one entry for Virginia to go according to my picture log, so stay tuned for more musings on history, spies, carb-heaven and other such topics.

In the meantime, I took a picture of this bumper sticker I saw on a car in the parking lot of the Giant supermarket in Gettysburg (I liked the Satan one, but the other one shows a certain kindred spirit as well) and forgot to include it in the geographically correct post. Actually, though, I think this image stands best alone, in the midst of a beautiful empty space.

Be back at ya soon!


Craig Sorensen said...

Thanks for poking your head out into blogland, and for the outstanding bumper stickers!

I've got to admit, I'm a little better at the writing with passion thing than cleaning.

Though, I can get a bit worked up by mowing.


neve black said...

Hey there, sweetie. Thanks for the update. Clean, write and fu*ck with a vengeance. Maybe that should be a bumper sticker. :-)

I'll see *via writing* you soon.

Emerald said...

Beautiful, Donna. Congratulations once again on your cleaning of all levels. It seems to me so in sync with the season of acknowledgment, respect, and letting go of what no longer serves. Thank you. Best to you as you begin your new novel! Be well.