Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Want to Be a "Real" Writer Who Makes Book Trailers?

The October edition of the Erotica Readers and Writer's Association's wonderful newsletter, The Erotic Lure, is up today and, I have two red-h0t columns in its titillating pages.

This month's "Cooking Up a Storey" is entitled "Are You a “Real” Writer?:
Fiery Maestros, Spicy Thai Tofu, and the Writers’ Country Club
." Readers of my blog will be familiar with the recipe, but you may not know about my sure-fire way to determine if you have the talent it takes to be a real writer. So pop on over to find out the secret!

In October's Shameless Self-Promotion, I talk about how to make your own book trailer, with a special guest appearance by my technical advisor, Herr Doktor. The jury's still out on whether trailers sell lots of books, but they are fun to make and will improve your marriage, even if it's pretty darn good to begin with. So check out "Make Your Own Movie: Promoting Through Book Trailers." I hope it inspires you to make a movie of your own.


Emerald said...

What a fabulous "Cooking up a Storey" article, Donna. I suspected the maestro's motivation as I read, and I actually was brought to tears by the story — both when I first read what the student said and the maestro's response (again because I suspected the implications of both), and when the maestro shared at the end. I'm not sure why I found it so moving, but I did.

I found the whole of the article beautifully presented and conveyed. Thank you.

Lovely self-promotion column, too. Question: You mentioned Amadeus Pro. Is that different from Garage Band (which comes with most Macs as I understand it)?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Once again, a great brace of columns! And I've been pondering book trailers lately, so your trailer timing is totally terrific.

A triple toast to you, your trailer, and your technical adviser!

Donna said...

Thanks so much for reading, Emerald and Jeremy! I do appreciate it :-).

Yeah, Emerald, I think the end of the maestro story was probably pretty obvious, but it's stayed with me. Maybe that's because it's so useful to remember whenever I encounter an ego-crushing obstacle in the writing life. It helps me blaze right through!

Herr Doktor says Garage Band is good, but he thinks (but isn't sure about the most recent version) that Amadeus allows you more control. But maybe just the right amount of control is enough ;-).

Craig Sorensen said...

As always, excellent columns, Donna.

I can see why the Maestro story would stick with you. It's all too true that many writers (or others in a creative field) with the talent don't have the will to stick with it. In a certain sideways manner, I understand it on a personal level.

Your perspective on writerly dreams is so revealing and personal, and most of us who have these dreams can relate on some level. Thank you for sharing them.

And thanks for sharing your perspectives on making a book trailer. I hope to be taking that adventure in the not so disant future, and your (and Herr Technical Adviser's) thoughts on the process will be most helpful!

neve black said...

I absolutely loved the "Cooking up a Storey" article - the fire that burns in our bellies is the fire that keeps fingers tapping through all the highs and lows - writers write because there's something deep within our souls that keeps us going even if Rome is crumbling (bad days, a misplaced muse and rejection letters).

I concur with thoughts already posted: beautifully conveyed here, Donna. Thank you.

p.s. I think it's very generous of you to read a new writer's work too. Very generous, indeed.

SusanD said...

Great articles this month, Donna. The maestro story is a great example. It's funny that as people who deal in words we take such different inferences from words. Whenever I'm lucky enough that someone calls me "talented" that's, to me, the best compliment ever. But I can see how you'd take it differently. But I'm glad you've mellowed, too ;) The only compliments I dislike are the backhanded ones anymore.

And it is very cool of you to read others' work and offer comments.

Here's to hoping those gates of the "special" community stop getting further away and get within reach. Then again, I suppose maybe once you enter that room you stop being a writer and become something else, which is less desirable.

Emerald said...

Ah very cool, thanks to Herr Doktor for the info.

Any obviousness re the maestro story didn't at all diminish how striking and poignant I found it — possibly on the contrary (for me). Thanks again.

Danielle said...

you know i love your "cooking up a storey" columns..but this time, even though the cooking is wonderful as ever, i prever the shameless self-promotion..first because i loved your trailer from the first moment i saw it a couple of month ago..and second because i m thinking about having a trailer for my audio-book since a your artikle helps me a lot..:-)

delighted, amused, arroused and informed...


Donna said...

"Delighted, amused, arroused and informed..." gee, Danielle, can I quote you the next time I get bookmarks printed ;-)? How very nice--and I can't wait to see your trailer. Thinking back, it really was the best part of my promotion, something I had real control over.

Yeah, Craig and Susan, I'm kind of letting it all hang out. I mean what a bitch not to be flattered by the "talented" compliment. But weirdly, I've always been mistrustful of that, perhaps because writing always is such a scary, gut-wrenching process for me on some level. Sometimes it is pure pleasure, but there are always those demons to face. If that's talent, well, it's not a compliment, lol. If that makes sense....

Ha, Neve, I guess I'm generous in some respect, but it's tricky situation I'm still working out, lol. But that fire in the belly, yep, one writer friend once said stubbornness is the key to his success and I think it's true to a great degree!

Danielle said...

hehe* can quote me anytime..:-)

hm, control..sometimes its scary how much things in the publishing world isnt under your own controlle and how often you, as a writer, sit and wait and pray and think: please let it turn out right...

Isabel Kerr said...

Hi Donna,

I've been meaning to say this for days now. I really enjoyed your Cooking Up article. Very inspirational and very true. we should forge ahead, despite or because of criticism. Devil take the hindmost!

Unfortunately my dinosaur dial up connection doesn't let me in on the trailer but I'm sure it's wonderful and it is so wonderful of you to share all this.

Thanks for these great columns! You're truly an inspiration.