Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Swing! Into Summer

It must be something in the air. First Alison Tyler is having wild sex dreams and now my own Herr Doktor reported an amusing nocturnal adventure he and I engaged in during the wee hours of last night. Apparently, I'd invited a few couples over for a swinging party, but--and this part is pretty nightmarish--we hadn't straightened up the house at all! On top of that Herr Doktor wasn't really happy with his choices of swing partners. Apparently I'd been rather selfish, unlike my protagonist in "John Updike Made Me Do It," and tapped couples where the guy was more appealing. Worse yet, before the action got going, he woke up, which left me feeling a bit frustrated when he related the story.

Until I remembered that today is the day Swing!: Adventures in Swinging by Today's Top Erotica Writers, edited by Jolie du Pre, is released in a sweet take-it-to-bed-with-you print edition. This is one fantastic collection, offering every possibility of couple sharing fun. And the action never ends before the satisfying climax! So, if you're more of an old-fashioned type, be sure to pick up a copy for a sizzling summer read.

In honor of the new release, I'm posting another excerpt from my story, "John Updike Made Me Do It," which takes place just when the party in a Tahoe ski cabin gets going good.

"John Updike Made Me Do It"

The sliding doors swished open behind us and Jurgen and Katharina appeared. As Jill promised, they climbed into the hot tub totally nude.

I felt Nick’s body stiffen beside me. No doubt he was stiffening in his swim trunks as well. I myself sneaked a look at Jurgen: dark blond pubic hair, an uncut dick, gorgeous thigh muscles. No wonder Jill lingered on the deck in her robe, enthralled at this vision of Nordic male beauty.

“Get in, babe,” Ben called, gesturing to the empty place between him and Jurgen.

“I’m not sure I have the nerve to do this,” Jill said with a small laugh.

“You’ve lived in Europe, liebchen. I remember when you were not so shy,” Jurgen teased.

Jaw set bravely, she took a deep breath and shrugged out of the robe. She practically sprinted the five steps to the hot tub, one arm over her full breasts, the other shielding her crotch.

“The sky did not fall down upon you, did it?” Jurgen said with an indulgent smile. He smiled at the rest of the bathing suit brigade, eyebrows lifted in a dare.

Nick shot back with a “no thanks” and Ben shook his head.

I’m not sure why I rose to the bait. Maybe I wanted to shatter their image of me as a coward and a prude. Or maybe on a subconscious level, I wanted to nudge things along. “Oh, I’m going to get naked, I just thought I’d wait until we all start having sex.”

Five heads turned to me, mouths gaping.

Jurgen’s eyes flickered with approval. “I have no argument with that. Or is this an example of the famous American sense of humor?”

“Don’t underestimate Maria,” Ben said with his usual I’m-just-joking grin. “She acts innocent, but I’m told she has a wild side. She’s into swinging.”

“So are we,” Jurgen replied matter-of-factly. He obviously wasn’t kidding.

Katharina’s serene smile left no doubt it was true. “It is very refreshing to meet another daring couple,” she said, turning to Nick. “I see you agree sex is a healthy adult pleasure also. Like skiing.”

Nick and I exchanged a glance. Be careful what you wish for….

But I saw something else in his eyes, too, a reflection of my own dark urges. The barriers of ordinary life had indeed softened in the thin mountain air. It was as if I were floating, beyond the rules of time and space. This could be Europe or 1968. We could be our parents or grandparents, taking that first sweet taste of sexual possibility, or characters from a novel whose very existence depended on doing something shocking to keep the pages turning.

I’m not exactly sure who actually made the first move, but things progressed quickly from there....


Jeremy Edwards said...

The rest of you can go skiing if you want to ... I'll be waiting in the hot tub with Donna's characters!

Donna said...

I'm sure they're happy to have the company. You brought Helia, of course ;-)?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Who do you think's riding my ski lift!

Donna said...

Whoever it is now, she'll be moving on in the next few minutes and you'll have a new passenger. So just enjoy the ride ;-).