Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dill-icious Secrets of Dirty Story Writers

Spicy Summer Sundays continues with an utterly dill-icious discussion of dill and big, fat, singing pickles over at Jeremy Edwards' place.

The champagne is flowing, the green beans are fresh from the vine, the dill hummus is all over my fingers and I'm licking it off slowly, lovingly as I listen to spicy writers from near and far discuss their favorite moment of the creative process. I'm learning a lot--for example, did you know a big old tuft of dill weed makes a great sex toy? Or that fennel and dill have a thing goin' on? But I'm not going to give away all of the secrets. Head on over to the dill-ectable party! You'll be dill-ighted you di(lle)d.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks for the wonderful plug, DGS! You've made me all excited about visiting my own blog!

Donna said...

It's an exciting place to visit, Jeremy ;-).

Jordan LaRousse said...

Hehe you said "dill-ighted".