Saturday, July 18, 2009

Giving Good "Phone" at In the Flesh LA

If you couldn't be at Hustler Hollywood on Wednesday, July 8 to hear me read from my steamy freedom sex story "Suit and Tie" (or as they'd say in German "Anzug und Krawatte") as part of In the Flesh LA's Freedom Sex celebration, the full report with photos is now in so you can be there in virtual reality! I love the picture of that phallic microphone flanked by a copy of my novel, Amorous Woman. And you'll also see a repeat performance of my famous corset/Hello Kitty thong pic (which I always wear when I'm having phone sex).

I have to say I had a wonderful time purring into the telephone. Aural sex is very satisfying somehow--part of my auditeur nature, no doubt. Maybe it's time to pull out my own microphone and record some more podcasts?


Danielle said...

ah i wish i would have been there! actually i love the in the flesh readings ( i secretly dream to participate one day..but i dont tell no one about this silly and there a video of you on the phone????..i rode youtube up and down for it but just found your sexy video from the last time you read at in the flesh...and also found emeralds naughty reading..hehe*..also a pleasure to listen to..anyway..donna i die to hear you say Anzug& Krawatte..:-)

Donna said...

Danielle, I have a feeling your dream will come true some day! New York or LA, both have their charms. NY is dark and smoky. Well not literally smoky, but it feels smoky. And LA is bright and metallic and you can watch people passing on West Sunset staring in the Hustler store and wondering what's going on. Both have lots of sweets and treats to eat and of course, lots of luscious erotica to be enjoyed aurally!

I actually am planning on doing some podcasts and I'll put "Suit and Tie" at the top of the list. I have a special fondness for that story myself ;-).

Emerald said...

Yes, please do, Donna! :)

And thank you, Danielle! I appreciate your listening, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Danielle said...

@ donna

that would be more then just awsome..:-) i d love to read in ny since i have never been there but la of course would be fine as well..:-)

oh have to tell me how you do those podcasts..i would do*..i dont know how

i try to finde out how to put youtube vides into my blog since weeks..i dont even come this

@ emerald

did enjoyed that video a lot..not only the story but also your sexy sexy outfit..:-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yeah, more! More!

Erobintica said...

I love those phone/microphone shots! Something very sexy about them. ;-) Good work Donna!

Hey, Danielle - if you ever get to the NY one, I'll be there.

Danielle said...

@ robin

that would be good news!

EllaRegina said...

So much in a photograph. That mic really gets around, too. ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

Having heard your lovely voice, I have to agree with Danielle that I would love to hear you say Anzug und Krawatte!

To ER: If that mike could talk, eh?

Donna said...

Yes, Robin, there is something just really dirty (in a good way) about those phone/mic couplings. And being a Hustler Hollywood mic, I can only imagine, ER!

Hmm, I wonder if my German would sound charming and sultry, like Greta Garbo's English (Zsa Zsa Gabor's English?) or just stupid and garbled, lol.