Sunday, April 12, 2009

Help Send a Message to Amazon

Okay, there are a lot of things we CAN do to send Amazon a message. They aren't hard and involve just a flew clicks of the mouse or blog posts. Thanks to Madame Butterfly, I checked out the post by Sarah over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, who's created a Google Bomb. The more people who link to this page redefining Amazon Rank, the higher it goes up on the Google list and the more attention it draws. According to Sarah, attention has already been drawn (it's #1) and Amazon is meeting to consider its next move.

Let's hope they wake up to the fact that their customers will not stand for this.

This really feels like a violation to me. And all the while I was thinking that things were getting better for an honest and intelligent discussion of sexuality in our culture. Not so alas. But if this was started by some letter-writing campaign from the right wing, or worse, some cadre of anti-First Amendment Amazon execs, it's time to show them how people who actually read books feel about this!

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Erobintica said...

Yeah, I did one of those Amazon Rank things over at Jeremy's blog earlier. I also sent Amazon an email telling them that now this explains why I've had trouble searching for specific books at times lately. Publisher's Weekly just posted a story that has Amazon claiming it was a "glitch" - yeah, right.

My husband said "they're pulling an ebay" - changing the rules to fit someone's morality. *Don't get me started*