Thursday, April 02, 2009

Amorous Woman Continues to Charm!

Karl Wolff, a book reviewer at Blogcritics and at his own blog, and self-confessed atheist and bleeding heart liberal (and he doesn’t even live in Berkeley!) has just posted a lovely review of my novel, Amorous Woman. Nothing makes a writer happier than a reviewer who “gets” her work and enjoys it. Join me in a glass of champagne to celebrate?

I also got my royalty statement from Orion today and the news is pretty darn good considering I basically sold every single copy on that sheet with my own blood, sweat and tears. I still have several hundred copies to get into the hands of readers before the print run of 2000 is sold out, but I’m closer than I ever dreamed I would be. I did a little internet surfing and found data that seems to suggest the average published book sells 500 copies (from a Publisher’s Weekly article). “Successful” fiction from a big house sells at least 5000 copies. Successful nonfiction must sell at least 7500. Just FYI, for print on demand, a bestseller is 500 copies. The average POD is less than 200. The number of copies of Amorous Woman that got into readers' hands (and I’m not totally sure how reliable these numbers are given comp copies, potential returns, my author copies, etc.) seems to be roughly three times the average. Again, way better than I ever thought given the circumstances. I think this definitely calls for more champagne. A modest champagne, but that can be pretty tasty, too.

A special thank you to all my friends here for saying nice things about my book, writing reviews and being so supportive!


neve black said...

That's just wonderful news! Interesting stats too.

Congratulations! Please have a glass of bubbly for me.

Herr Dr DGS said...

How about one of those Pt. Reyes Winery Blanc de Something? Of course, we'd have to drive up to lovely Pt. Reyes to get it, but that can be arranged!

Here's to the final 500 copies getting in the hands of more folks that "get it"

kswolff said...

Congrats! It was a pleasure to read. I laughed, I cried, and I learned dirty words in Japanese ;)

Glad I could help you "move units." I'll have a stiff gin and tonic to celebrate the occasion.

People love erotica that doesn't insult their intelligence or cater to the Lowest Common Denominator. Philip Kaufman (of "Henry and June" fame) is in need of a come back, maybe he can direct? Maybe Naomi Watts as Lydia?

Emerald said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is so awesome!! I am SO delighted to hear it. Gosh, I just want to give you a congratulatory hug so much. Here's a virtual one! :)

I find it really delightful and heartening to know that people are reading Amorous Woman as well, in addition to being thrilled for your personal success.

Congrats again. :)

Craig Sorensen said...

Well done!

I for one think you should break out the good stuff. It's a great accomplishment just to get published in print, much less sell so many copies.

An I am so glad that I'm one of the readers who has had the privilege to read Amorous Woman.

I look forward to your next book, which I will be first in line to buy.

So get to work!

Donna said...

Thank you, everyone, for joining me in that drink! And for your support 'cause everyone who's commented has done something very special for me. First of all, you've READ my book, and I do not take that for granted. Then you even said nice things in public, for which you have my undying gratitude forever :-).

Hey, Karl, thanks for stopping by. Of course I would LOVE to have my story on the screen. Naomi Watts as Lydia, Ken Watanabe as Kimura? In the right (that is, thoughtful, intelligent, edgy) directorial hands (Philip Kaufman--yes!), this could be an international sensation.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Okay, I'm all set up here with three flutes of champagne ... one to toast the book sales, one to toast the review, and a third to toast Donna herself!

You folks don't mind picking me up off the floor after I get through with all this toasting, right? (Or join me on the floor, if you prefer.)

Donna said...

As in Alison Tyler's "Four on the Floor," the more the merrier down here!

LVLM(Leah) said...

Congrats! It's a great book that you wrote and the more people that read it the better. For you and us because then you can write more! :)

EllaRegina said...

Such wonderful news!


And surpassing the "average" stat! But that doesn't surprise me. Who ever thought you were average?

Please add a virtual glass of whatever for me, too!