Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Sparkling Reviews of Amorous Woman

I wanted to announce—with a big huge happy smile--two new reviews of Amorous Woman. The first appeared on Cocktail Reviews, a long and luscious (and perceptive) reading by Singapore Sling who awarded me a whole bottle of Moet et Chandon. Which I promptly drank right up! Singapore Slings are actually my favorite mixed drink, probably because I remember my older sister talking about drinking a few at El Tio Pepe in Washington D.C. her freshman year of college. When the waiter realized she was underage, he gave her free coffee. I like to pretend I’m at the Raffles Hotel, where the potion was invented, when I drink my lovely pink drink. Now I’ll always think of this wonderful review!

The other review, brief but eloquent, is a total thrill for me. Erotica Revealed reviewer Kathleen Bradean mentioned my book on her blog yesterday.

All I can say is--Wow.

Lydia is still on the loose, and given her loose behavior, I’m afraid she’s going to throw herself at some married man. But fortunately, two very insightful reviewers were able to read her story before she escaped--so I'll console myself with some more champagne. Your loss, Lydia, I would have shared!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Congratulations on the well-deserved acclaim!

I had good news recently, too. If you want to read about it, just stop by my blog and—[oh, crap!]—er ... that is ... I mean ... actually, my blog's really a mess at the moment, and such a long walk from here (and I think it's supposed to rain). Tell you what—you stay nice and cozy right here, and I'll e-mail you my good news. [Whew!]

Donna said...

Oh, sure, Jeremy, I understand about messy spaces, mine's always a disaster area. And I love emails with good news...and this is embarrassing, but I'm STILL looking for Lydia. No luck so far!